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Ziggy Zapata



This show is sensational for any club on a regular basis. It is a proven crowd-pleasing concept, with Ziggy Zapata entertaining with games and other diversions, then two superb cabaret acts to thrill the audience. Generally the format has been to run the show in two halves, separated by one hour lunch break. Of course this show can be booked as a one-off Variety Concert.

This is a typical format for Ziggy's Variety Fun Show.

This show runs for 3 hours, including a lunch break, where patrons get the opportunity to play the poker machines and return some money to the club. This is a good opportunity to run a poker machine promotion during this period to encourage patrons to play the machines.

This show requires the venue to provide production, such as sound system and lighting, but Ziggy Zapata can arrange production for an additional fee. The venue also needs to provide some inexpensive prizes for the games that Ziggy plays with the audience.

Please contact Ziggy Zapata to discuss further details.