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Ziggy's Trivia And Music


The trivia phenomenon has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and attracts patrons to venues on days where normally trade is quiet. The cost of running Ziggy's Trivia And Music is generally far outweighed by the amounts that patrons spend on food, drinks and playing poker machines. Apart from minor prizes won at each event, interesting jackpot prizes such as Ziggy's Sydney Scenic Flights can be awarded, which generates great interest when the pilot is actually the person conducting the game.

The difference with Ziggy's concept is that if required, he can provide musical entertainment as well as the trivia, amusing the patrons before the trivia rounds and then keeping many of them in the venue afterwards. Prizes don't have to be elaborate or expensive and venues can easily afford to run Ziggy's Trivia And Music for extended seasons without problems.

Generally, Ziggy's Music And Trivia show starts off with a set of listening and dancing music to entertain the patrons, then after a short break, Ziggy commences the Trivia segments, usually in rounds of 20 questions. Depending on the length of time required for the entire show by the venue, Ziggy will run either two or three Trivia segments. After the Trivia portion of the show is completed, Ziggy will perform another music set, where patrons can dance or listen and enjoy themselves.

Ziggy's Trivia And Music makes for a really terrific night of inexpensive entertainment, especially suitable for midweek evenings.