Ziggy Zapata Title


Poker Machine Promotion


This is a very simple but highly effective poker machine promotion that offers a range of very attractive main prizes, plus drink vouchers, club cash vouchers and other minor giveaways. It can be run in any club and always generates a great deal of interest from patrons.

Virtually any theme and range of prizes can be implemented for Ziggy's Flying High Club, so ideas and suggestions are always welcome. Ziggy will tailor each venue's promotion to suit the particular style required.

All venues will benefit immensely from running Ziggy's Flying High Club, as it generates extra trade and builds up patronage. With the huge competition between venues, the only way to increase business is to offer patrons a variety of attractions to get them into your club and keep them there. Ziggy's Flying High Club is an excellent way of achieving this at reasonable cost.

Contact Ziggy for further details on how this promotion operates and to discuss your particular needs and use his expertise to attract patrons to your venue and generate more trade.