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On 16 December 2008, three of the four existing Mystrys had their third reunion in Melbourne at a restaurant in the famed dining precinct of Lygon Street Carlton.

I was in Melbourne to attend the graduation of my daughter Alicia, who had finally finished her second degree, Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering with First Class Honours at RMIT University, having already earned a Bachelor of Space Sciences degree in Sydney a few years earlier.

Although Mystrys bass guitarist and lead singer Charlie Bayliss and I had really cemented our friendship on many occasions since the first Mystrys reunion, my Melbourne visit was a terrific opportunity to get a few of the others together again.

Along with Charlie and me, present were Mystrys rhythm guitarist Kevin Thomas and his wife Karen, my daughter Alicia and her husband Paul, Mystrys media director the late Bob King Crawford, Kontacts lead singer Alison Lafferty (now Craven) with her husband Keith and my very dear friend and accomplished musician Ross Shakespeare.

Mystrys and friends

Charlie and Bob, Alison and Keith can be seen, as well as Alicia's husband Paul

Mystrys and friends

Kevin Thomas and wife Karen, Alicia and Paul and Alison and Keith chatting away

Kevin Thomas and wife Karen

Kevin and Karen, a very loving couple

Charlie Bayliss and Ross Martin

Charlie and Ross fooling around - they had just met for the first time

Alison Lafferty and husband Keith

Alison and Keith with huge grins, loving the fun of the reunion

Bob King Crawford

Legendary Mystrys songwriter and media guru Bob King Crawford

Alicia and Paul

Ziggy's daughter Alicia and her partner Paul having a terrific time

Keith, Alison and Ziggy

Keith, Alison and Ziggy, loving the great reunion atmosphere

The whole gang had a wonderful dinner and hours of reminiscing about the great days of the 1960s pop music scene and many happy memories. Coincidentally, that day happened to be my birthday and only a few days after Charlie's birthday, so those events were celebrated with a tasty Tiramisu cake.