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The Mystrys record labels

Witch Girl was the one and only hit for The Mystrys. These are the labels from the original Orbit pre-release record that was distributed to radio and television stations and the general release record on the Leedon banner. On the flip side was a song called Land Of The Green Sun. It is astonishing that there currently are a number of CD compilations distributed globally that include Witch Girl and the song is still featured on many radio station playlists on every continent. Click on the media players under the lyrics, then click the Play button to hear the songs.


Which girl is the witch girl, man oh can't you see
Which one has the sulphur eyes, and green where pink should be
Which girl is the witch girl, surely your spine can tell
It's the raven one with the eerie glow, and the walk you'd follow to hell

Don't let her even touch you, you'll not evade her then
There's nothing that you can do, you'll never live again
Which girl is the witch girl, doesn't your heart grow cold
Her blood is made of water, her eyes are oh so old

(Guitar Solo)

Which girl is the witch girl, look out when the moon is full
Cause you will see her shadow and you will feel her pull
Cover your ears with silver, don't let her come near
Or you'll know which is the witch girl, the girl that gives you fear

Listen to 'WITCH GIRL'


We come from the land of the green green sun
Where the trees are a lovely blue
Where there isn't any war or peace
And love is nothing new

Where the food is there for nations to share
And freedom's not just a word
Where the tangerines mix with the coloured folks
Cause only the minds are heard

We come from the land where the rock trees grow
And the sky is a pastel cream
Where no man's jealous of another man
And only the sun is green