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Ziggy's Morning Melodies is geared towards providing an economical way for clubs to stage regular midweek shows for senior citizens, retirees and anybody who might be available to attend such functions during the day. Of course this show can also be staged in the evening if required.

Ziggy's Morning Melodies is designed to fill a niche for clubs that do not require a large expensive production, but this show offers quality entertainment that any venue can afford.

Ziggy's Morning Melodies is based around Ziggy compéring, performing some of his musical masterpieces and conducting games with the audience until the lunch break. After lunch, Ziggy will warm up the audience, acknowledge any birthdays and anniversaries, then introduce the special guest artiste, who will be a top-line cabaret entertainer performing a 45 to 50 minute concert.

This is a typical format for Ziggy's Morning Melodies.

This show offers up to 2˝ hours total running time, including a lunch break, where patrons get the opportunity to play the poker machines and return some money to the club. This is a good opportunity to run a poker machine promotion during this period to encourage patrons to play the machines.

The show is long enough to offer great value to the patrons, but not too long as to tire out the senior citizens in the audience. But the best part is the overall cost, which is surprisingly modest.

Not only is Ziggy's Morning Melodies extremely economical, but it includes provision of the PA system. The entire package is fully self-contained and the only other expense that the venue incurs is the provision of incidental prizes for the winners of the games that Ziggy conducts with the audience.

Please contact Ziggy Zapata to discuss further details.