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Mazda 6

My previous car, a Holden VT Berlina wagon was getting rather long in the tooth after 13 faithful years of service, so I decided to sell it and purchase a new car. After much investigation and research into suitable vehicles, such as Toyota Aurion and Camry, Hyundai i45, Holden Sportswagon and Cruze, Volkswagen Passat and Jetta, Audi A4, Ford Mondeo, Suzuki Kizashi and even a Mercedes C250, I decided on a Mazda 6 Luxury Sports Hatch.

There were many deciding factors that led me to choose the Mazda over all those other vehicles, but one of the main reasons was from a conversation I had with a tow-truck driver who said, "The one car I have never had to tow because of mechanical breakdown was a Mazda." In the entertainment profession, the one very important thing about a car is its reliability and knowing that you will always get to the gig and never have to make excuses for not showing up because your car had broken down.

The other important aspect was the cost of servicing, spare parts and insurance. I immediately eliminated all European cars from consideration, not just because the dealer servicing and spare parts were ridiculously inflated, but that the yearly insurance was far more than that for locally made or Asian cars. So then I looked at what the rest of those cars could offer for a particular price and in the end, the Mazda 6 Luxury Sports Hatch left them all for dead, especially in the looks and inclusions department, as well as its legendary reputation for build quality.


The level of standard equipment in this Mazda 6 is extraordinary. Buying this car means not bothering to need any extras - this car has everything a luxury car purchaser could wish for. Here are some of the features:


It is amazing what has been included as standard features in this car. Most luxury cars have the usual accoutrements, such as electric windows, mirrors and air-conditioning, but the Mazda 6 Luxury Sports Hatch takes luxury to a much higher level far beyond its price point.

One of the bugbears of many cars is a radio antenna that is prone to breakage. The Mazda 6 has the antenna cleverly printed into the rear window, so this problem is completely solved. The headlights are amazing. They are not just self-levelling with bi-xenon globes that give off a very bright whilte light, but they swivel with the steering, in the same way as the legendary CitroŽn DS-21 of the 1960s. This car also has built-in headlight washers. Even the GPS antenna is concealed and does not get in the way of car washes.

The automatic functions of the headlights and wipers is terrific. Sensors automatically turn on the headlights when it is dark, which is really good when driving into a garage, tunnel or shopping centre carpark. The wipers activate automatically when the sensor encounters rain and the speed and frequency of the wiper strokes varies according to the dampness of the windscreen. The front and rear parking sensors allow pinpoint precision when parking close to other vehicles or other objects.

One of the cleverest features is the Bluetooth integration, not just with the satellite navigation system, but with mobile phones. Sure, some cars have satellite navigation and Bluetooth, but this Mazda also has a voice recognition system that can operate the GPS, audio system and mobile phone just by voice commands. The driver merely has to press a button on the steering wheel and issue voice commands, which is of great benefit to safety. When the car is started, the Bluetooth system automatically connects to the driver's mobile phone and is ready to make or receive calls.

There are some really classy touches, like the electrochromic rear vision mirror that senses cars with bright headlights at the rear and electronically dims so that the driver does not suffer glare. All seats are high-class leather and both front seats are fully electrically operated. The driver's seat also has three memories, so that seating positions for three drivers can be stored. When a driver opens the car with his key fob, the driver's seat adjusts to his preferred position.

The steering wheel has multi-function controls for the magnificent Bose sound system, comprehensive trip computer with outside temperature display and cruise control. There is a dual-zone climate control air-conditioning system and an electric sunroof. Safety is paramount, with a range of features to prevent loss of control under horrendous weather conditions.

Mazda 6
Leather all electrically operated driver's seat with 3 memories and driver's door with window and mirror controls and Bose speaker

Mazda 6
Centre console with touchscreen and satnav and steering wheel with full complement of remote control switches and gear paddles

I suppose that one can think of a few luxury items that the Mazda 6 Luxury Sports Hatch does not have, but whatever they are, they don't seem to be very important or vital. This car is about as luxurious as any normal human could desire, it looks stunning, drives beautifully, has an amazing reputation for quality build and reliability - and the price, especially at the Mazda plate clearance sale, was the best value for money that I had seen in all my research.

For the time I have owned my Mazda 6 Luxury Sports Hatch, I have only the highest praise for it. This is a wonderful quality car with meticulous Japanese workmanship and it is no wonder that the Mazda brand is a huge seller in Australia. I highly recommend this vehicle in every way and I suggest that anybody contemplating buying a Mazda 6 should get the Luxury Sports Hatch for the amazing array of included features.


Whenever I buy a car, I tend to buy the top-of-the-line model, simply because apart from being a bit of a techno-freak, I love the luxury features that such a car offers. The beauty of this is that I never am in the position of buying a lower-specified car and then wishing that I had spent a few dollars more to buy the top model. Then there are no regrets. But this was reinforced by the following encounter.

About two weeks after I had bought my Mazda 6 Luxury Sports Hatch, I parked it at my local shopping centre. Just as I was exiting my car, an identical Mazda 6 pulled up in the adjacent bay - well it wasn't quite identical - it was the current Sports Hatch like mine, but did not have the satellite navigation, Bose sound system and a few other features.

The driver of this Mazda took one look at my car and said, "Hell, ever since I bought my car, I've been kicking myself for not shelling out the few extra dollars and getting the model that you have. Every time I get into this car, I think of this and I regret it, which makes me very unhappy. I will not be a happy person until I change this car for the model you have with all those features and this will teach me to try and penny-pinch."

Sure, one has to be able to afford to buy the luxury model, but in my opinion, the encounter with this motorist really reinforced the fact that I had made the right decision and it was always worth getting the top model car, providing that it was feasible and affordable. And the Mazda 6 Luxury Sports Hatch is certainly a real bargain, when compared to literally any other car in its class.