Ziggy Zapata Title
Renowned as a dynamic entertainer with his lightning technique and powerful singing, virtuoso guitarist Ziggy Zapata is a most versatile artiste. As well as having presenting his concerts and production shows in a huge variety of venues and on luxury cruise liners for many decades, he also performs as a solo musician and entertainer.

Ziggy leads a very interesting life, as he is also a computer and IT consultant and has been involved with electronics and amateur radio for most of his life. Ziggy was also a commercial charter pilot, but is now retired from the aviation industry. He has been honoured by his show business peers by winning a number of entertainment industry awards, as well as being nominated many times.


After 57 years as a professional entertainer and musician, I decided that it was time to kick back, make a "Sea Change" and revamp my entire lifestyle. So in December 2022, I will be relocating from Sydney to a fabulous spot on the NSW Mid North Coast, literally a five minute walk to the ocean and many beaches.

I am looking forward to living a very relaxed life with no traffic congestion, no toll roads and none of the headaches of living in a huge metropolis. However, I am not retiring from the entertainment industry and I hope that I will get some gigs in the venues around Port Macquarie and surrounds.
Ziggy Zapata