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Renowned as a dynamic entertainer with his lightning technique and powerful singing, virtuoso guitarist Ziggy Zapata is a most versatile artiste. As well as presenting his concerts and production shows in a huge variety of venues and on luxury cruise liners, he performs as a solo musician and entertainer.

Ziggy leads a very interesting life, as he is also a computer and IT consultant and has been involved with electronics and amateur radio for most of his life. For decades, Ziggy was a commercial charter pilot, but is now retired from the aviation industry. He has been honoured by his show business peers by winning a number of entertainment industry awards, as well as being nominated many times.

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Based on intensive research for well over a year, I have made the conscious decision to refuse to be vaccinated with those poisons that are masquerading as Covid-19 'vaccines'. They are actually gene modifiers and have been patented as such. These 'vaccines' will neither prevent me from catching this virus or infecting others.

So even if I was double vaccinated, I could go and work at your venue and still infect everybody around me. So what is the point of mandating that I be vaccinated?

Most importantly, those vaccines are deadly and the Australian Therapeutic Goods Authority (TGA) Database of Adverse Effects Notifications (DAEN) reported that since those vaccines were rolled out, 80,967 people suffered severe adverse reactions to them and 656 people were actually killed by those vaccines up to 11 November 2021 in Australia. Don't believe me - go to the TGA DAEN site and do your own search and see.

Compared to a tiny number of people who actually died of Covid-19 and not other co-morbidities this year, those 656 deaths prove that there is far more danger from being vaccinated with those poisons than catching Covid-19 that has a 99.7% survival rate. So why would I risk my life and health by being injected with substances that have killed far more people than the virus, just because governments in the pockets of Big Pharma are trying to coerce me to do so by threatening my livelihood?

I will very happily take bookings, provided that you understand that I am not vaccinated with those Covid-19 poisons. I am not infected with Covid-19 and I am more at risk of being infected by fully vaccinated people at your venue than any risk that I pose to anybody there.

However, if you feel like educating yourself about this whole Covid-19 situation, click on the "Coronavirus Scam" link on this page and see the mountain of hard fact-checked evidence and video clips.