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ACADEMIC WARDROBES - Really terrific built-in wardrobes made to the best quality, with unique features and pleasant and efficient service. Highly recommended.

ACCESS HARDWARE - A huge selection of high quality locks, door furniture and other building goods from a wide range of local and international manufacturers.

AIRLITE WINDOWS - Really high quality aluminium and wooden windows and doors in standard sizes or made to client specifications with top class locks and other hardware.

AMSCOT DISCOUNT STOCKBROKING - Excellent on-line stocks and shares trading at very economical fees. Both Web-Iress and HTML-Iress trading platforms are supported.

APC MAGAZINE - The premier computer and IT magazine in Australia. Read about cutting edge PC development, useful information and the latest equipment reviews.

APOLLO FLOOR SANDING AND POLISHING - Fantastic treatment to timber floors brings them up to looking totally brand new. This company gives reasonable prices, quality workmanship, top class materials and super service. Very highly recommended.

AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS REGISTER - Search for information about all Australian companies and businesses, such as ABN and business name registration details.

AUSTRALIAN COMMUNICATIONS AND MEDIA AUTHORITY - The entity controlling communications in Australia. Search for broadcast and amateur radio licence holders and other interesting items.

AUSTRALIAN SKEPTICS - Read about the scams, mumbo-jumbo, superstition and acts of stupidity that afflict the very gullible human race and have a good laugh as well.

BARLOW MUSIC - Stock and custom orchestrations and recorded musical backings available, plus books, manuscript paper and arrangement writing supplies.

BASS VISUALS - Computer 3-D animation expert Paul Jakovich creates footage for VJs, venues, events and creative people who require quality footage for almost any application.

BAVAS MUSIC - Nick Bavarelli stocks and sells the very best musical equipment at competitive prices, catering to the cream of professional performers as well as the general public.

BIG NOSE BIRD - Great range of free CGI Perl scripts with tutorials explaining how to set them up. Enhance your website with interactive forms and other marvellous facilities.

BD REMEDIAL - Bathrooms, laundries and toilets and any wet areas can be waterproofed with the latest state of the art materials and compliance certificates for councils issued by an absolute expert, Steve Bourne. Very highly recommended.

CAMPAIGN AGAINST ROAD RIPOFFS - CARR is a website campaign to force the abolition of road tolls, teach motorists how to avoid being booked by revenue-raising traffic cameras and much more.

CASTLE HILL AUTO REPAIRS - Excellent automotive service, engine tuning, disc brake grinding and repairs at a very reasonable cost, using modern equipment and techniques. Very highly recommended.

CIVIL AVIATION SAFETY AUTHORITY - Important information for all pilots. All aviation safety and operating issues are controlled by this agency and many good resources are available.

COMPUTROL - Want to deal with a real computer expert instead of a phoney? Need good equipment at great prices? Contact Bob Spence because he's the best in the business.

DAVID'S HOME TECHNOLOGY - Suppliers and installers of the renowned Beam Serenity ducted vacuum system for new and existing houses. Top quality intercoms, alarms and piped music systems are also available.

DE FENCE - Virtually any type of top quality powder-coated aluminium and stainless or galvanised and painted steel balustrade, fence and gate can be made by this company to order. Highly recommended.

DUCK FOR COVER - Cheap public liability for entertainers and musicians, run by musicians on a voluntary non-profit basis. This insurance is worthwhile having in these days of massive litigation payouts.

ETONE - Top-class new and replacement speakers, recones and repairs as well as complete speaker boxes, public address equipment and lots of accessories.

FENDER AUSTRALIA - Local office of the most popular guitars in the world. There are many resources and a lot of information here for musicians who play these fine guitars.

GIBSON RESEARCH CORPORATION - One of the most useful sites on the Internet, with awesome resources. Learn how to keep your computer secure from hackers and intruders.

HOAX-SLAYER - A great website for information about those scams and hoaxes that are so prevalent on the Internet. Good for a laugh as well as very informative.

HOTHEADS - This is a website expressing the opinions of a concerned Australian and exposing scams, stupidity, crimes of governments, the Islamic menace and many other interesting subjects.

HUME DOORS - A huge range of very nicely Australian made external and internal doors and built-in wardrobe units are available, from stock items to custom orders.

JACOBSON'S JEWELLERY - A fantastic range of gold chains, rings, pendants and precious stones from the manufacturers. These people have incredible skill in repairing and modifying jewellery. Contact Robert Saffo.

JAMES RANDI - The foremost debunker of psychics, clairvoyants and people claiming to have paranormal or supernatural ability. Discover how these crooks really operate and how they con the gullible.

JAYCAR ELECTRONICS - A huge range of electronic parts, kits, gadgets, appliances and much more, but generally cheaper than the other major electronics retailers.

KASPERSKY - One of the best antivirus companies offers a free on-line virus scanner. Try it and save yourself a lot of problems with Trojans, worms, viruses and other nasties.

KITCHEN IMAGE - Maker of top quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets from many materials and finishes, including polyurethane, vacuum formed or timber doors and laminate, granite or synthetic stone benchtops and much more.

LYRICS WORLD - Fabulous range of song lyrics covering all genres. Catalogued by title and performer and also featured artiste collections, this is a very useful resource.

MALWAREBYTES - A fabulous and free anti-malware program that often finds and eradicates viruses, spyware and other nasties that many expensive commercial security programs miss. Highly recommended

MAJOR OAK THEATRE RESTAURANT - For a great night out, you can't go past this establishment, featuring The Great Pretenders stage show and a hearty meal and party atmosphere. Bobby and Mary Bradford and their team will ensure that you have a fantastic time.

MAXX MUSIC - Servicing the Hills district of Sydney, some of the best deals on instruments and accessories can be made here. Most top brands are readily available.

MUSIC BOX - A huge range of top-class PA equipment for sale, as well as factory warranted speaker repairs and PA hire. A really nice and knowledgeable bunch of people here.

NADA CONCRETE - Excellent concrete work of all types, especially slabs for houses. Decades of experience and reasonable quotes have satisfied many clients. Very highly recommended.

NETREGISTRY - Award-winning economical web hosting on extremely reliable servers, as well as very cheap domain registration. This company is a subsidiary of Netregistry.

NSW DEPARTMENT OF FAIR TRADING - Interesting information available here. Check on your consumer rights and report any crooks or shonky dealers. Keep Australia honest.

NSW OFFICE OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS - The authority governing the entertainment business. Important legal information here for employers, agents and performers.

PAT CONDELL - UK commentator and author who really sticks it into religion, politics and other prickly subjects. Be warned - he rips religion into little pieces and makes sense. Very highly recommended.

PERGOLA LAND - For the absolute best in outdoor living, many types of custom designed top-quality pergolas are available at very good prices, even some with electrically operated roofs. Contact Greg Jacobs.

PHARMACY DIRECT - An amazing store where you can get virtually any pharmaceuticals much cheaper including prescriptions, either in person or by mail.

PNN NEWS RADIO - Most comprehensive news coverage in Australia, also featuring many informative programs and broadcasts from USA, Britain and Europe.

QANTAS - The best and safest international airline in the world, with excellent services and facilities, operating to most major destinations. Support this Australian flagship carrier.

REVERSE AUSTRALIA - A terrific on-line facility for looking up names and addresses of people from their phone numbers. This is very useful if you have a phone number and don't know to whom it belongs.

ROUND CORNER MEDICAL PRACTICE - A really terrific and caring group of general practitioners and CASA Designated Aviation Medical Examiner for all levels of pilot medical examinations. Very highly recommended.

SAM THE PAVING MAN - Contractor for paving to the huge Sydney Olympic site, this company can supply and fit a massive variety of granite and other paving that will enhance any property.

SAMURAI KARATE WAVERLEY - A great way to keep fit, stay healthy, discipline your mind and learn to protect yourself at this Shukokai style martial arts academy with highly respected Second Dan Black Belt Sensei Charles Bayliss. Very highly recommended

SCAMWATCH AUSTRALIA - The Australian government scam warning website. Well worth keeping abreast of all the dodgy ripoff merchants trying to part victims with their hard earned money.

SNOPES - A fantastic site that explains and debunks all those urban legends and myths. If you want to know about any of those fantastic sounding stories you read or receive in emails, you will find it on this site.

SKEPTICS ANNOTATED BIBLE - Read all the silly anomalies and fiction that comprises the Old and New Testaments, highlighting the absurdities, intolerance and stupidities that these documents contain.

SKEPTICS ANNOTATED QURAN - An amazing resource that has translated the holy book of the Muslims and has carefully indexed all the anomalies, contradictions, hatred, injustice and intolerance in it.

THE GOOD GUYS The Karl Holdsworth Blacktown store offers amazingly low prices on virtually all consumer goods and appliances. Ask for Brian McCombe and tell him that Ziggy recommended him to you to get a great deal.

THE STAIRMAKERS - Fantastic staircases and balustrades designed and manufactured with meticulous precision and artistry. Virtually any style of staircase in a huge variety of select timbers can be supplied for houses and commercial premises. Very highly recommended.

TPG - Fabulous Internet Service Provider, offering an unlimited download ADSL connection as well as bundled plans with home phone. Fantastic mobile phone plans are also available.

TURRAMURRA MUSIC - A tremendous range of musical equipment and accessories in stock at very good prices. Contact Rob Stevens and his team for very courteous and helpful assistance.

UNITED STATES SPACE AND ROCKET CENTRE - The first step for budding astronauts. Taking a course in this amazing place is an experience of a lifetime for any kid. Order terrific space merchandise on-line.

VICIOUS SLOTH COLLECTABLES - A veritable treasure trove of rare vinyl records, music books, posters, souvenirs and other memorabilia. Glenn Terry has been in the business for decades and can help you find what you need.

VIRGIN AUSTRALIA - A great airline offering budget fares, good service and fierce competition to keep airfares down. Supporting this company is very worthwhile.

WEBSTRINGS - Buy the cheapest guitar strings on-line. This company sources strings from the best manufacturers in the USA and sells them under their own brand for a fraction of the cost of the famous brands.

WEST END MAZDA - Terrific place in North Parramatta to buy your next new or used Mazda. Get a fabulous deal on these beautiful vehicles and make sure you mention that Ziggy Zapata sent you.

WHITWORTH AVIATION - Top-class pilot training at Bankstown Airport, headed by legendary Aviation Hall Of Famer Bill Whitworth who is arguably the best instrument flight instructor in Australia.

WINNING APPLIANCES - The biggest range of major domestic appliances and fittings in Australia. From ovens, cooktops, refrigerators and dishwashers to every brand of sink. there is literally nothing that cannot be bought here.

XE CURRENCY - Amazing facilities for currency information from any part of the world. The on-line converter can handle currency from virtually anywhere and very useful financial information is constantly updated.

ZIGGY ZAPATA - Guitarist Extraordinaire Ziggy is a well-known performer, as well as a licensed entertainment agent and a computer and IT expert who can provide all computer services and equipment.