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If you purchase a computer from any of the large computer stores such as Harvey Norman or JB Hi-Fi, you will receive the computer with Windows loaded on it, plus whatever other software that the particular manufacturer might have placed on the computer. And that's all. From that point on, you are completely responsible for activating Windows to get the computer going and installing whatever software you decide to use. The store from where you purchased the computer only wants to hear from you if any of the hardware under warranty malfunctions. The store is not in the slightest bit interested in solving your software problems if there is a glitch or you don't know how to do something on your computer.

This is where you either have to learn to solve your own operating problems or call in a consultant such as Ziggy Zapata Enterprises to solve those problems for you. The ideal and most cost-effective situation is that you learn to deal with computer problems and fix them, because it is guaranteed that every computer will play up at some stage. But if you can't be bothered with this, then you have to get an expert to fix the problems for you. The unfortunate thing about this is that computer experts are professionals that charge fees for service, just like doctors, lawyers, plumbers and any other businesses.

In operating my computer consultancy business, I always try to be helpful and do the best that I can to provide my clients with the best and most effective service. Unfortunately over the years, I have found that many people are under the misapprehension that when they purchase computer equipment from Ziggy Zapata Enterprises, this somehow includes a lifetime of free problem-solving services from me. I have found that some people ring me up with their computer problems and expect me to spend a lot of time on the phone trying to solve them. In fact I have even been abused by people who were most incensed that I was not available to them to fix their problems for free.

The problem with trying to solve software issues over the phone is that there are many programs out there that interact in all sorts of ways with the Windows operating system and there are various versions of Windows out there too. Not even the best computer expert will know how to use and troubleshoot every piece of software out there over a telephone, especially when clients cannot even adequately describe the problem or take measures under instruction to try and fix them. Therefore I have found over the years that there is only one proper way to deal with software problems and that is to get in front of the computer in question and try to fix it. This can be very time-consuming.

Unfortunately I cannot afford to have clients ringing me throughout the day and often in the evenings, asking me to try and solve their computer issues over the phone for free, just because they have purchased computers from me. They would not get this consideration from any other business. Even Microsoft charges substantial fees for telephone and email helpdesk services, even though the computers with problems have Windows operating system on them.

Therefore if you have purchased or intend to purchase computer equipment from Ziggy Zapata Enterprises, please note that this does NOT include any sort of technical or software support whatsoever, even if you purchase the software from me. Of course I will always honour all statutory warranties on hardware.

But if you have any computer problems other than warranty issues, I can certainly be consulted professionally, however this service is based on commercial IT consultancy fees, currently around $150 per hour in blocks of 30 minutes plus travelling costs if any substantial distance is involved. I am happy to offer quotes for this service on the understanding that hardware repairs and software problems cannot be accurately quoted on until the equipment or the problem is assessed.

Please note that very few problems can be resolved over the phone, so if you run into problems with your computer and you want me to fix them, you have to be prepared to either bring your computer to my premises or ask me to come to your premises. Either way, this will entail a fee for my professional consulting services.

So please do not feel insulted if you ring me and I do not offer to solve your problems on the phone for free, as no other computer company will do this, because this sort of activity will send that company broke.