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The world is a dangerous place and even in democratic nations, travellers can find themselves in all sorts of troubles by not knowing local laws and inadvertently breaking them. But going to certain nations is sheer stupidity and they should be avoided at all costs.


Here is a nation that has become very prosperous on the back of a massive population of people who worked for slave labour wages and sometimes as actual slaves, which some still do to this day. By stealing inventions from the west, copying products and selling those knock-offs for peanuts, China eventually has grown into a powerhouse. Unfortunately, the wealth has been used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to develop a massive military capability and used to threaten nations in its vicinity, especially Taiwan that has been a fully independent democratic country since 1949.

The Chinese communists have discovered that they can play the 'Hostage Diplomacy' game by arresting foreigners and charging them with various serious crimes that have no basis in fact. For instance, when Canada arrested Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei who has very close connections to the CCP, the Chinese immediately arrested two Canadians, Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, on trumped-up espionage charges. The same happened to Chinese-born Australian writer Yang Hengjun, who was tried on charges of espionage in a closed Chinese court and deprived of all normal judicial procedures. This stitch-up was in retaliation for Australia opposing China's invasion and annexation of South China Sea territories belonging to other nations and in more recent times, Australia calling for a thorough investigation into the Wuhan coronavirus release.

For many years, the Chinese communists have arrested and stitched up innocent people in order to exert pressure on other nations. More Australians are imprisoned in China than any other nationality. Australians have been such victims of these despicable frame-ups. However, in September 2021, the world received hard evidence that China kidnaps innocent people to use as political pawns. The case of Meng Wanzhou clearly demonstrated the thuggery of China.

In September 2021, Chinese Huawei tech executive Meng Wanzhou was released after being detained in Canada for nearly three years and returned home. Wanzhou flew to Shenzhen , hours after two Canadians freed by China had gone back to Canada. Meng was wanted on charges in the USA but was released after a deal between Canada and US prosecutors. Before her release, Meng admitted misleading US investigators about Huawei's business dealings in Iran. She spent three years under house arrest in Canada while fighting extradition to the USA.

In 2018 China accused Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig of espionage, denying that detaining them was in retaliation for Meng's arrest. China had earlier insisted that her case was not related to the sudden arrest of Kovrig and Spavor in 2018. But China's decision to free them after Meng's release shows that all pretence of proper justice was abandoned. Kovrig and Spavor maintained their innocence throughout, and critics have accused China of using them as political bargaining chips.

Kovrig is a former diplomat employed by International Crisis Group, a Brussels-based think tank. Spavor is a founding member of an organisation that facilitates international business and cultural ties with North Korea. In August 2021, a Chinese court sentenced Spavor to 11 years in prison for espionage. There had been no decision in Kovrig's case.

If Kovrig and Spavor had actually committed the crimes of which the Chinese accused them, then there would have been no reason to release them. Only months prior to Spavor's release, he was sentenced to 11 years jail for espionage. Why would the Chinese just release him just one month after being sentenced? There is only one reason - Spavor was nothing more than a bargaining chip that the Chinese communists use to exert pressure on the USA and Canada to release Meng Wanzhou.

This case is one of many where China has kidnapped foreigners and stitched them up on bogus charges. So the best advice to take is to never ever go to China for any reason, simply because your freedom could be very short-lived if China decides to use you as a pawn in its 'Hostage Diplomacy'. You don't have to be a person of importance, because China seems quite willing to accuse ordinary people such as tourists of espionage and other serious charges, merely to detain them until the Chinese can coerce nations into more favourable trade and other deals. Just don't go to China and you can avoid being stitched up.

China might have become prosperous on the back of its slave labour and it certainly does have some historical sites that are interesting. But it is certainly not worth the risk of travelling to this nation that engages in literally stitching up foreigners on bogus charges and using them as pawns in some political maneuvrings. Foreigners are even arrested when they enter China if they have criticise the Chinese communist regime, such as on the Internet in their home countries. The communists consider that they have authority over everybody, even foreigners not in China. The best advice is to avoid going to China for any reason, or you might regret it.


This is beyond obvious. You would have to be crazy to go to this repressive communist Stalinist dictatorship that is ruled by a fat megalomaniac, whose only aim is to cling to power while executing anybody who even appears to oppose him and his regime. Tourists to North Korea have been arbitrarily arrested on trumped-up charges and held as bargaining chips in what is known as 'Hostage Diplomacy'. whenever the North Koreans wanted to obtain some sort of political or financial advantage from other nations.

For example, American student Otto Warmbier was ridiculously stupid and travelled to North Korea and was arrested on false charges of alleged anti-state acts. He was treated so badly in prison that he fell into a coma. After the Americans negotiated for Warmbier's release in 2017, the North Koreans billed the USA $2 million for his medical care, which he obviously did not receive. Warmbier died six days later in the United States, after his parents decided to end the life support that was sustaining his vegetative state. The then President Donald Trump stated that North Korea would not get one cent in relation to Warmbier.

The Warmbier case was just an example of state-sanctioned kidnapping and North Korea has done this a number of times. So apart from the fact that it is difficult to obtain a visa for North Korea, you'd have to be crazy to even want to go there as a tourist. You will only get to see what those communist bastards want you to see, which is not very exciting in the least and you will run the very real risk of being stitched up and jailed on some pretext. Just don't even think about going to North Korea under any circumstances.


This repressive Islamic nation is governed by a bunch of religious Muslim fanatics who have no compunction in ordering the arrest and imprisonment of foreigners who are then used as bargaining chips by the regime to gain or force concessions. This is classic 'Hostage Diplomacy' and the easiest way to avoid becoming a victim of this is to completely avoid going to that nation.

A number of Australians were stitched up by Iran and jailed in the notorious Evin Prison for no other reason than to be used in future 'negotiations' with Australia. University lecturer Kylie Moore-Gilbert was one such hostage who was arrested on trumped-up charges and eventually released in a 'prisoner swap' for three jailed Iranians. This is what Iran does as a matter of course, so keeping out of the clutches of those Muslim bastards is the best policy.


This nation is ostensibly democratic, however since President Erdogan was put into power, he has used hostage diplomacy to extort conditions from other nations. The case of Andrew Brunson, an American pastor working in Turkey imprisoned in 2016, has been widely referred to as a case of diplomatic hostage taking.

There have been many other cases of foreigners being falsely accused of espionage and other alleged crimes, only to be released when Turkey won concessions from other nations. Turkey is a very interesting nation to visit, but until the people get rid of that bastard Erdogan and revert to a proper secular nation, as Turkey was after the government of Kamal Ataturk, it is far better to avoid going there.


The first thing to understand about Muslims is that they dance to a totally different tune than normal people. They have been indoctrinated by a vile and despicable death cult called Islam that calls for genocide and hatred and they worship a mass-murdering paedophile they call the 'prophet' Mohammed. Muslims revere this monster as an example of the 'Perfect Man', whom they emulate with their litany of child molestation, female genital mutilation and other atrocities that they consider to be normal.

Muslims have spent the past 1,400 years marrying or raping their closest relatives and sometimes their siblings, resulting in massive incidences of inbreeding and genetic defects and a drastic lowering of their collective intelligence. This completely explains why 1.4 BILLION Muslims have not achieved anything or invented anything worthwhile in all those centuries, while their hated enemies, the tiny number of 16 million Jews, have provided the human race with far more advances, inventions and innovations per capita than any other group in the world, including the greatest number of Nobel Prize Laureates of any ethnic or religious class.

So going to any Islamic nation is fraught with danger, because visitors are in the clutches of raving inbred lunatics who have been warped by their insane death cult, so anything can happen. For instance, Iran happily engages in 'Hostage Diplomacy', where the Iranians will just grab tourists and accuse them of espionage, merely to cut deals with western nations for some political or financial advantage. But if those deals are not successful, the poor victims who did nothing wrong except to travel to Iran will invariably face show trials in the best traditions of Stalinist USSR and be jailed for a long time in some hell-hole prison or even executed when their value as bargaigning chips has diminished.

Some of the other Gulf nations also play this despicable game of 'Hostage Diplomacy' or even just arrest and jail people on the most ridiculously unfair and bogus charges. For instance, there was one tourist who was jailed for a few years for merely accidentally being bumped into by a Middle Eastern Sheik. It was stated that it was the tourist's fault because if he had not been visiting that nation, the sheik would not have bumped into him. In those nations, it's always the fault of foreigners in car and other accidents, even when it is obviously not their fault.

Then there was the case of the tourist who flew into Qatar and was flogged and jailed for bringing alcohol into that nation. But she did not bring any bottles of booze with her. She had been offered alcoholic drinks while flying into Qatar on Qatar's national airline Qatar Airways, so she was punished for having alcohol inside her, despite the fact that she was given that alcohol on a Qatari airliner operated by the Qatari government. There are many other reports like this. The safest thing for anybody to do is to refrain from going anywhere near Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, any of the Gulf Emirates and indeed any other Islamic nation. Those Muslims are insane.

Pakistan is a very dangerous nation, where Pakistanis are notorious for accusing non-Muslims of blasphemy against Islam and that paedophile monster they call the 'prophet' Mohammed who was no prophet, but just a murderous lunatic. Pakistani courts invariably issue death sentences or life sentences to people accused of this 'crime' on the unsubstantiated word of Muslim accusers. It is simply not worth going to that third-world shit-hole that is populated by inbred nutbags, so keep safe and keep out of there.

Even Malaysia, although slightly more benign, can be a very dangerous place for non-Muslims, who are arbitrarily arrested on the flimsiest of pretexts. And we know about Indonesia, the most populous Islamic nation, where visitors to Bali are often scammed by cops extorting money as bribes from tourists by accusing them of offences and in the worst cases, planting narcotics on them and arresting them. A number of Australians have been jailed for life in this manner. So don't go to Bali - there are far better and safer places to vacation without that sort of risk.


Communist nations are repressive simply by virtue of their ideology. No communist nation can survive except by holding a gun to the heads of its citizens. This also translates to arresting and jailing tourists on bogus charges for many totally invalid reasons, but that is how communism works. Even since Cuba opened itself up for tourism, it is still a dangerous place for foreigners. Say the wrong word or criticise the communist regime and you will quickly find yourself hauled away by the secret police. The same goes for Burma (Myanmar) and some of the former USSR nations - Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgysztan and Chechnya. These are dangerous nations that should always be avoided.


Many parts of Africa are relatively safe for tourists, but some African nations are extremely dangerous, even for their own citizens. The following nations should be avoided at all costs, especially those with an Islamic majority:

Many of the above nations have nasty reputations for terrorism, extortion, kidnapping and scams. One has to wonder why anybody would even want to go to these places, but I can only advise you to never go near them if you want to remain safe. It is just not worth the risk.


There are many wonderful places on this planet where tourists are made welcome and are relatively safe. There are plenty of interesting things to do in those nations without running much risk of being killed, kidnapped, stitched up on bogus criminal charges or used as pawns in 'Hostage Diplomacy'. In other words, just make sure that when you do decide to travel overseas, that you totally avoid any nations that could pose a risk to your well-being, such as repressive communist or Islamic nations and countries that are known to foment terrorism, kidnapping and other existential dangers. Even better, stay in Australia, the best nation by far in the world. We have the best sights, the best beaches, a first-world advanced lifestyle and the sort of freedom that other nationalities dream about.

But if you have a yen for overseas travel, there are some fabulous nations where Australians will be treated well and be safe, such as the following (in alphabetical order with no particular preference):

I did not recommend some European nations such as Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden and other nations where an influx of Muslim migrants and invaders has resulted in many Islamic terrorist attacks. Also, the USA is a dangerous nation due to its rampant gun crime and racial conflicts. Unless the situation improves in those nations, it is better to avoid them completely.