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Halal Certification Authority Logo

The Halal Certification Authority exists ostensibly to ensure that Muslims know which food is able to to be consumed according to their religion. However, it seems that many food manufacturers have succumbed to the implied threat by this organisation that if they do not place the Halal Certification stamps on their food - FOR A FEE - Muslims will refuse to purchase them.

Many food manufacturers have succumbed to this implied extortion, even though their products are not required to be certified as Halal. Apart from this, nobody except those Muslims collecting the money screwed out of food manufacturers really know where the funds are going. There has been credible evidence to show that some of those funds find their way into the hands of Islamic extremists and even terrorists.


But one of the best admissions as to where some of the money extorted by Halal certification went came right out of the mouth of Mohamed El-Mouelhy, the multi-millionaire chairman of the Halal Certification Authority, who publicly bragged how he was raking it in and stated, "Halal certification doesn’t finance anything but my wife’s shoes." The fees are kept secret and the companies are forced to sign non-disclosure statements.

So a reasonable person could conclude that some of this man's wealth came from the Halal extortion racket, considering that he already admitted to diverting this Halal certification money for his wife's shoes and heaven knows what else. This racket needs to be broken and the best way is to force those companies who signed those non-disclosure agreements to testify as to how much they paid El-Mouelhy and then forensically examine the source of his wealth. That would be quite a revelation.


Even some fast food outlets have caved in to these implied threats of boycott by Muslims. For instance, Four KFC restaurants in Melbourne have taken bacon off the menu in favour of Muslim-friendly products. The Endeavour Hills, Fawkner, Keilor Downs and Flemington KFC outlets have all dumped bacon from fillet burgers. At Endeavour Hills, "sold-out" stickers have been placed over bacon products on its drive-through menu. Customers are offered alternatives such as cheese or pineapple. Angry Christians have claimed religious discrimination.

Even local governments have also tried to appease Muslims. In Melbourne, the Hume City Council tried to ban ham and pork at its functions as a sign of respect to Muslims. Halal preparation of food means Muslims can avoid eating pork products or from eating at places where pork products are prepared. Antiochian Orthodox priest Reverend Geoff Harvey said that the situation was ridiculous. "It's offensive to Christians that they can't get a bacon burger when they go into KFC, so who do you offend most?" he said.

KFC corporate affairs manager Angus Armstrong said the bacon-free menu would be tested at the four restaurants over three months. "We're testing to see if it makes a difference and if it's appreciated by customers," he said. Armstrong said that bacon would return if the trial was unsuccessful. He said there were no plans to expand the trial beyond the four stores.

Also alarming is the revelation that virtually all poultry products in Australia are produced under Halal authorisation, despite the fact that Muslims make up only a very small percentage of the population. This shows that the Islamification of Australia is proceeding under our very noses.


The next time you go shopping, look at the packages of well-known grocery items such as cheese, chocolate or even chewing gum. You may find the above Halal logo.

This Muslim association collects money from members of the Australian Food Industry for permission to display this symbol so that Muslims will purchase their products. Yet the Muslim population is only 2% of Australia's total! Do we need to pander to such a small minority?

On a radio talk-back show in 2009, a well-known host was alerted to this practice. He hit a stone wall when trying to find out how much money was paid to this organisation and where the money went.

It seems that if you buy those marked products, at the least you are helping to finance and support a religion that is actively trying to destroy the Australian way of life, or at the other extreme, the money MAY even be supporting Islamic terrorism. Many Australian companies are paying this money under pressure from the Islamic movement.

Whenever you go shopping, check your goods for the LHS symbol and if you see it, put those goods back on the shelf and buy an alternative product. Most importantly, make a note of companies whose products carry the Halal logo and send them an email telling them why you won't be buying their products until they stop pandering to the Islamic minority and stop abetting the destruction of traditional Australian values.


This list is by no means comprehensive but here are some companies that are either accredited by the Halal Certification Authority or carry the Halal logo on their products.

It is strongly suggested that you support those companies that support the Australian way of life, not companies that may be playing into the hands of fundamental Islamists that are trying to subvert and subjugate our nation. Do not support Islamic extremism or even terrorism when you can buy alternative products without that logo.


Some food manufacturers that have succumbed to the Halal racket, but have felt the results of the anti-Muslim movement that boycotted their products have resorted to a very sneaky ploy, that of concealing the Halal logo inside their products. In that way, consumers examining the exterior of the packets would not see any Halal logos, but would certainly see them when the packets were opened.

This is a really dirty trick and it is highly misleading. These companies are treating consumers with utter contempt by trying to trick people who would avoid buying anything with a Halal logo on it to purchase their products. Here is a video clip that one of these outraged consumers made of a packet of Coon Cheese, produced by Dairy Farmers, an extremely large company.

In fact Coon Cheese was renamed Cheers after the manufacturer succumbed to pressure from Aboriginal activists who claimed that the word 'Coon' was racist, whereas the truth is that the cheese was developed by Dr Edward Coon and was named in his honour. This merely proves that false accusations of racism do work and this is so wrong.

Hiding a Halal logo inside a packet so that it cannot be seen until after the packet is opened is extremely deceptive and should not be tolerated. If consumers purchase a product without a Halal logo on the exterior and then find one inside the packet after it is opened, those consumers should take the product back to the store from where they purchased it and express their outrage while demanding a refund on the grounds of blatant deception.

If all anti-Halal people did this, it would have three effects:

  1. Force a return of the product to the manufacturer, costing the manufacturer money.
  2. Cost the seller money and cause inconvenience in the seller having to return the product to the maker or throw it away.
  3. Render the product unsaleable because it had been opened by the customer.

Such a campaign would cause a lot of trouble to food manufacturer like Dairy Farmers who dared to try and deceive customers with this hidden Halal logo trick.


After I made a complaint to Massel International in June 2011 about this company's products carrying the Halal Certification Authority logo, this was the terrific reply:

DATE: 03 June 2011

Thanks for your email.

The decision to remove the halal logo from our packaging was made over a year ago now.

There are still packs out there with the logo on them, but there will be no more being produced.

The logo was displayed beside the ‘suitable for vegetarians’ and Kosher logos to denote that our products are suitable for all people – regardless of religious or dietary belief.

Kind regards,

Mark Caine
Sales and Marketing Manager
Massel Australia

It seems that Massel may have been hit by a number of complaints regarding this offensive Halal Certification Authority logo and decided to remove it and stop pandering to the creeping Islamification of Australia. Congratulations to Massel for this action.


I also complained to Bega Cheese about its compliance with Halal certification and its products carrying the Halal Certification Authority logo, stating that because Bega marketed its products globally, it was prudent to make those products amenable to sell in Muslim nations. I pointed out to Bega that many food products were sold in Muslim nations without being certified as Halal, but Bega seem to be kowtowing to Muslim sentiment in order to make money at the expense of driving nails into the coffin of the Australian way of life.

These are Bega products:


In any case, the safest thing to do is to examine every food product before buying it and completely boycott anything that carries that Halal Certification Authority logo, simply because this organisation will not inform anybody where the money is going and there is credible evidence to show that some of the funds may be going to Islamic extremists and terrorists.

Note the product brand and send the manufacturers an email and tell them that those products will be totally boycotted and the reason why, until that logo is removed and the company renounces its participation in this certification process.


If you really feel like doing something more about this Halal extortion than just complaining about it, you could stand outside your local supermarket and tell shoppers who are entering that whenever they are purchasing products that have the Halal Certification stamp, not only are they financing the eventual downfall of Australia, but they are also financing Islamic terrorism. It is a well-known fact that some of the funds that the Halal Certification Authority extorts from Australian companies is funnelled to Islamic terrorists. Most people do not realise this. Not only that, you can inform them that if they buy Halal-certified beef or lamb, they are funding some of the most despicable cruelty that can be inflicted upon cattle and sheep in the way that they are slaughtered.

Paste the above graphic into a document, print it and you can hand it out to shoppers and passers-by. People need to know what is going on. They should also be directed to that great video clip on the Halal Choices website called "Understanding Halal Certification Schemes" that explains the whole Halal certification extortion racket and how Muslims have devised this scam to control the food supply and ultimately control the people who have to buy that food as well as funding terrorism and barbarity.