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Let me state right from the start that as far as the human race goes, there are only TWO genders - male and female. Gender is determined by chromosomes, where apart from some extremely rare genetic aberrations, females have XX chromosomes and males have XY chromosomes. These are physical attributes that are determined before birth and nobody has any choice as to which gender they are. All those 'Woke' and LGBTI types claiming that there are multiple genders and people can choose their gender or identify as any gender are not only wrong, they are very stupid as well.

Gender is a biological fact and that is that. Up to the present time, chromosomes cannot be changed by any medical or other procedures, therefore gender is immutable. A person with XY chromosomes is a male and will always be a male. A person with XX chromosomes is a female and will always remain a female. For the purpose of clarity, I will use the word 'sex' when referring to gender.


Throughout history, there have always been people who have been uncomfortable with their birth sex and have dressed and acted as members of the opposite sex. However in recent times, operations have been available, along with synthetic hormones, to enable people to surgically alter their genitals and take such hormones to enhance their appearance as members of the opposite sex.

What needs to be understood is this: Although wanting to 'transition' and appear to be of the opposite sex, those people cannot change their gender because gender is determined biologically and cannot be changed merely by desire or choice. Until science and medicine can actually change the chromosomes of people to make them members of the opposite sex biologically, then males will always remain male and females will always remain female.


The push for gender 'fluidity' has been so strong in recent times, that governments have actually legally recognised more than the two biological genders. On a legal and scientific basis, this is ludicrous and really stupid, simply because it upholds the impossible, that people can change their sex, which they simply cannot do. Even worse, governments are recognising that people can claim to be of no gender, or of a variety of genders that are only limited by the imaginations of those people. Again, this is wrong and gives legitimacy to a blatant lie.

This sort of stupidity seems to be endemic in governments. For example, in the US state of Indiana, politicians who must have been a total pack of dimwits legislated to make the value of the mathematical constant 'pi' to be 4. The value 'pi' is the ratio of the diameter of a circle to its circumference, therefore it cannot be any value other than this ratio - 3.1415926535. So those politicians tried to defy immutable scientific and mathematical fact and politicians in western nations, including Australia, have defied biological fact by recognising genders other than the two biological genders - male and female. This is really beyond stupid.


For example, there are people who claim to be 'non-binary' and they do not identify as either male or female. Well, that is arrant nonsense and it doesn't matter how people choose to identify. A quick chromosome test will prove that they are definitely male or female and nothing in-between. A person can choose to identify as an elephant, but obviously that person will never be such a beast. This is the stupidity of the whole 'gender identity' concept, that people can identify as being something that they are not.

But governments are facilitating this fallacy by allowing people to falsely identify as being of other genders, even on legal documents such as court affidavits, birth certificates and even on passports. When government allow deliberate falsehoods to be recognised legally, this proves the degeneration of the human race, where hard immutable truth does not matter anymore. But then again, people are made to swear oaths in court on a book of fiction called the Bible, so that merely tells us that our society is really stupid.


In June 2021, Australian actor Hugh Sheridan 'came out' out as 'non-binary'. He now refers to himself as 'they', as if he is more than one person. He said, "I AM still a human (non binary/bi/me/Hughman) but I’m in a monogamous relationship with another human, who I love. I don’t accept a label cause it limits me."

It doesn't matter what Sheridan chooses to call himself. He can refer to himself as an androgynous Martian or a gay hippopotamus if that is what pleases him. But it changes nothing in terms of his physical being. Sheridan is a male and will always remain a male. He can fantasise all he likes about having no gender and being 'non-binary', but this does not make it so. In other words, Sheridan's claim of being 'non binary/bi/me/Hughman' is nothing but arrant bullshit and no sensible and logical person will accept this crap. The bottom line is that the human race is binary and no amount of stupid posturing and baloney will change this.

One of the funny things that I saw in June 2021 was an Amazon advertisement for a t-shirt with the caption: 'THERE ARE MORE THAN TWO GENDERS'. But if you wanted to order this t-shirt, you had to specify whether you wanted to select a 'Fit Type' - men's or women's style. There was no other gender choices available. One has to wonder how utterly stupid people are to advertise a product that claims that there are more than two genders, yet affirm that there are only two genders when it comes to ordering the product. But this is how completely dumb this whole 'transgender' and 'gender fluidity' nonsense really is.


An Internet 'influencer' born in England revealed that she now identifies as being Korean. Oli London, who claims to be 'non-binary', released a video on YouTube revealing that 'they' (yes, she calls herself 'they') had undergone 18 rounds of plastic surgery to look like Korean pop group BTS star Park Ji-min, also known as Jimin.

London said that 'they' were now feeling really good after being "very unhappy with who I am deep down for the last eight years. For the first time in my life I feel beautiful. I'm looking in the mirror and I love the way I look and feel happy, and I hope people can respect my decision," London said in a video clip. During the video, London came out as 'non-binary' while also revealing that 'they' considered themselves 'they/them, Korean/Jimin'.

"I know a lot of people don't understand me, but I do identify as Korean, and I do look Korean now. I do feel Korean," 'they' said. "I don't identify as British, so please don't refer to me as British, because I identify as Korean. That's just my culture, that's my home country. That's exactly how I look now, and I also identify as Jimin - that's my Korean name." London also claimed that "TRANSRACIAL is a thing", saying "I invented it! If you can be transgender you can be TRANSRACIAL."

The sheer idiocy of this Oli London staggers the imagination, simply because her entire concept of being 'non-binary', calling herself 'they' or 'them' and identifying as being Korean is complete and utter bullshit. There is no such thing as 'non-binary' in the human race and a simple chromosome test will reveal that London is a biological female. It doesn't matter what she says. What matters is who she is - and she is a female and she is a singular person, not a 'they' or a 'them'.

London said that 'they' were now feeling really good after being "very unhappy with who I am deep down for the last eight years. Observe the fact that London calls herself 'they', but refers to herself as 'I' - in the singular. She has not referred to herself as 'we', proving that she damn well knows that she is just a singular person, not a 'they' or 'them'. But this is all part of her illogical fantasy world.

As for being Korean, that is not hard to achieve, because all that London has to do to become Korean is to apply for Korean citizenship, which is not a racial status, but a political status. Anybody can become Korean - as in gaining Korean citizenship, presumably in South Korea, because it would be clear sign of insanity to want North Korean citizenship. But London stated that "Transracial is a thing" and that is the most ludicrous aspect of her idiocy. Nobody can change their race. She can say that she is of an Asiatic race all she likes, have as many operations as she likes to look like a native Korean, but at the end of the day, she has not changed her race at all. Putting on a mask does not change who the person is.

This is the problem with all these people making declarations of being 'non-binary', lacking gender identity or claiming to have 'transitioned' to a different race - it's all just crap. Pandering to crap is never a good idea. No matter what Oli London says or does, she is still a female British white Caucasian and the only thing that she can change is her nationality or her religion if she believes in some Skyspook. She cannot change her gender or race and if she expects people to pander to her ridiculous delusions, she has another thing coming. If it makes her happy to pretend to be an Asiatic person from Korea, that's fine. But we don't have to pretend that this nonsense is true.


There is generally no harm caused if a man decides that he wants to be a woman and undergoes surgery to remove his testicles and transform his penis into a clitoris and surgically create a vagina for him. There is generally no harm caused for that man to take female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, so that he can grow breasts or even have breast implants. A woman who wants to be a man can also undergo surgery to create some sort of penis for her and take testosterone to adopt a more male appearance. There are many such measures available these days.

But no matter how many operations a male has to undergo to appear as as a female, biologically he will be a man for his natural life. The same goes for females who undergo what is laughingly called 'gender reassignment' and even that term is nonsensical, simply because gender cannot be reassigned. Yes, people can appear to be of the opposite sex. They can act and dress as members of the opposite sex, but biologically they will always remain the sex of their birth. Some of the Thai 'ladyboys' are prettier and more feminine than most real women, but no matter what they do, they will always remain male.

Does this matter? Generally it should not be of concern if people want to pretend to be of the opposite sex or even be allegedly 'non-binary' or some other permutation of gender choice, because essentially that is all they are doing is playing 'dress-up'. What is concerning is that governments are making it illegal to recognise 'transgender' people by their biological genders. In other words, governments are now forcing people to accept blatant falsehoods and even passing laws to punish people if they refuse to abide by those lies.


In recent times, people have engaged in 'gender identity', meaning that if they state that they are of a particular gender, whether it be male, female or any of the myriad of invented genders, everybody is required to play along with this nonsense. So a male can merely state that he is a female and that's that. A very interesting experiment was conducted by a 5'9" white American male by the name of Joseph Backholm, who set out to discover the insane 'Woke' mindset of university students.

Backholm went to the University of Washington campus and interviewed students. The first few students that he interviewed stated that anybody of any gender should be allowed to access any toilets and locker rooms irrespective of their gender. A few students claimed that people could 'identify' as any gender they chose. It got worse. Backholm asked students what they thought if he identified as a woman and they agreed that it was all right to do so. And it became even worse than this.

Then Backholm asked students that if he told them that he was Chinese, what would be their response. Most agreed that this was fine and they would consider him to be Chinese despite the fact that he was very obviously a white Caucasian. He asked them if they would accept it if he claimed to be seven years old and most of them seemed to be happy with that notion. Even worse, he asked them if they would accept it if he said that he was a 6'5" Chinese woman. Like the good little 'Woke' idiots, they agreed.

What these morons, especially those female students don't seem to realise is that if they legitimise the right of a male to legally 'identify' as a female, that male could happily wander into their female locker rooms and watch them undress, shower and go to the toilet with complete impunity. And they would have no grounds to complain. If they tried to have that male removed, he would have grounds to launch a massive damages lawsuit for violating his rights and discrimination on the grounds of gender. Obviously if the male is legally entitled to 'identify' as a female, then under the law he is a female and has to be recognised as such.

This sort of action by males would quickly see the wheels fall off this whole 'gender identity' idiocy. The same women who happily recognised Joseph Backholm as a 6'5 Chinese woman would be screaming if Backholm walked into their shower rooms and watched them in their nakedness as if he really was a female. For me, I think that men should start doing this, because it will literally destroy this whole concept of 'gender identity' in an instant.


In countries like Thailand, very delicate males transform themselves into 'ladyboys' and look for all the world like beautiful females. They go to extraordinary lengths to surgically alter themselves, even going to the extent of shaving their Adam's apples. They undergo surgical procedures and take hormones to the extent that most of them are better looking than most real females. But there is one thing that none of them can successfully do to hide their masculinity. This is something that most people do not know, but I will reveal it here.

Males and females have different elbow joints. Male arms are literally dead straight when observed from shoulder to wrist when the hand is held palm-upwards. But when a female arm is held out like this, it kinks outwards at the elbow. Why is this? The reason is that women generally have wider hips than men and thus females have evolved in this way to give their arms hip clearance when they walk.


Try this yourself. Stretch out your arm with your palm facing upwards and sight down your arm. If you are male, your arm will be fairly straight from shoulder to wrist. But if you are female, your arm will kink outwards at the elbow. This is an absolutely guaranteed way to ascertain the true gender of a person. It doesn't matter how many 'sex change' operations people have had, or how many hormones they have taken, they will not have had their elbow joints broken and modified to resemble the arms of the opposite gender. If you are ever unsure of a person's sex, just do the elbow test and you will know for sure. I have become very expert at spotting this, even across a room. It's amazing how well this gender test works without having to do anything.


This 'Woke' situation has progressed to the point of complete insanity, especially in sports. In recent times, 'transgender' males have been permitted to compete as women against women in female events. So now we have seen the New Zealand government endorse 'transgender' male Gavin Hubbard, now known as Laurel Hubbard, for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021. Hubbard is a large male who has competed as a man in weighlifting competitions, so real females competing against him in his weight category don't really stand a chance. And there are other 'transgender' men competing in women's sports and that is grossly unfair, simply because most men are biologically stronger than females. It's called evolution.

But it never seems to work in the other direction. We have not seen 'transgender' women competing against males, especially in sports such as boxing, wrestling, martial arts and the like. Imagine a female heavyweight boxer such as 2021 world champion Hannah Gabriels 'transitioning' to be a male and fighting somebody like male heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson. She would not survive the first round before being carried off to hospital in an ambulance. Even in the lighter weights, if 2021 UFC bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes 'transitioned' to be a male and fought in the UFC against 2021 male bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling, she would literally get massacred within the first minute.

And that is the utter stupidity of 'transgender' in sport. It is literally a one-way street, where men pretending to be women - and legally recognised as such - are competing in sports such as weightlifting or boxing against real females who obviously do not have the strength of males. But you will never see women pretending to be men competing in weightlifting or boxing against real biological men. This just highlights how insane this whole 'gender fluidity' nonsense really is. Genders are not equal when it comes to strength and endurance.


I have always said that people who are homosexuals generally don't hurt anybody and there is no harm in same-sex marriage and the like, providing that these matters do not impinge on other people. But forcing people to legally recognise the lie that people can choose their genders or even identify as being of no gender is simply outrageous. Nobody should ever be forced in any way to pander to a deliberate falsehood, even if it makes people feel good. A lie is a lie and 'transgender' is definitely a lie because gender cannot be changed, 'transitioned' or chosen. And that is that.