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Of course this does not work, but I bet that Catholics who believe that jerking off is sinful would be recommending that their offspring chew this stuff like crazy. Well, if they believe in an imaginary being, then they would believe anything.

Psychic Fair

Back in the 1960s, this very innocent advertisement would not have raised any eyebrows. In the decadent 21st century, using WD-40 could certainly imply a lot more than mechanical repairs.

Phuc Dat Bich

The name of Phuc Dat Bich just had to be a hoax and it was. But the whole world fell for it. Thank you to Joe Carr for tweaking the noses of the whole planet.

Phat Phuc

It's unfortunate for Vietnamese people that many of their names are Phat, Bich, Phuc and the like. Here is a very funny name of a Vietnamese restaurant.

Hardon Collider

This very sad misprint on a news bulletin would have seen an editor's head roll. The Hadron Collider is a very serious scientific tool, pardon the pun.

Minge Palace

One can imagine that the signwriter who did the sign for the Ming Palace either could not spell or was a prankster. Or maybe this place is a brothel.

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