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Ziggy's Fun And Games


Ziggy’s Fun And Games is a midweek daytime games show concept that is both extremely affordable for any venue to stage even on a weekly basis, but will generate patronage during otherwise quiet times.

Clubgoers love to win prizes and this show will ensure that they will have a lot of fun doing that, as well as enjoying some wonderful music.

Ziggy’s Fun And Games is based around Ziggy running the entire event, warming up the audience with birthday and anniversary announcements, performing some of his musical masterpieces and singing favourites and requests for 45 minutes until lunch is served.

After lunch, Ziggy will commence the one-hour game show, running all sorts of fun competitions such as Bingo and Trivia, plus audience participation games such as Heads and Tails, the Birthday Game, Guess The Price, Take Your Pick, Spinna Winna and other diversions and then close the show with a Lucky Door prize.

This is a typical format for Ziggy’s Fun And Games but can be easily modified to suit.

This show offers 2¾ hours total running time including a lunch break, where patrons get the opportunity to play the poker machines and return some money to the club. It is long enough to offer great value to the patrons, but not too long as to tire out the senior citizens in the audience. But the best part is the overall cost, which is surprisingly modest.

Ziggy’s Fun And Games is extremely economical because there is only one performer, plus the venue provides a staff member to sell raffle tickets before the show and assist in the game show segment for one hour. The show includes provision of the PA system and the only other expense that the venue incurs is the provision of prizes for the winners.

Please contact Ziggy Zapata to discuss further details.