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Flying High


Playing a wide variety of music from 50's, 60's and 70's hits, country and western, ballads and old time tunes and instrumentals, FLYING HIGH is a very entertaining musical combo that can really make every occasion very special.

The anchor of FLYING HIGH, "Guitarist Extraordinaire" Ziggy Zapata has been a professional musician and entertainer for most of his life. Not only headlining his own concert and cabaret shows, Ziggy performs as the support act for many international artistes and has featured for decades on a host of famous cruise ships. His amazing dexterity on guitar always thrills his audiences and he performs the most complex music with ease.

Ziggy uses a variety of partners in FLYING HIGH, depending on the nature and requirements of the performance. With accomplished bassists, keyboard players, drummers, horn players and talented female vocalists, FLYING HIGH always sounds fabulous.

So no matter how big or intimate the function may be, Ziggy and his top-class musicians can really make an incredible difference. For club lounges, weddings and parties to major corporate extravaganzas, FLYING HIGH will ensure the very best of musical entertainment. In fact FLYING HIGH can be extended to any size band if required.

Many bands hide their lack of musical ability by harnessing modern electronics and computers to do the playing for them, but sound very artificial in the process. Some of them even mime instead of actually playing. Unlike these frauds, FLYING HIGH does not need such trickery, but always plays live and performs authentic and exciting music by sheer virtuosity.

FLYING HIGH has a huge repertoire of songs to suit virtually every occasion, from quiet listening music for enhanced dining pleasure to explosive dance music. For corporate events where a particular theme or atmosphere is required, FLYING HIGH can provide this with ease.

<O Award

In 2007, Ziggy was honoured by his show business peers by being voted the winner of the prestigious Australian Entertainment MO Award in the category of One Man Performer Band. Ziggy was also nominated in the category of Instrumental or Vocal Instrumental Performer.

Continuing to enjoy the recognition of his peers in the music industry, in 2008 Ziggy was nominated in three MO Award categories - Instrumental Or Vocal Instrumental Performer, One Man Performer Band and Three Man Or More Performer Band. Ziggy was also nominated for an Australian Club Entertainment Award (ACE) in the category of Solo Guitar/Vocalist.

In 2009, Ziggy again won the MO Award for One Man Performer Band and was a finalist in two other categories - Instrumental Or Vocal Instrumental Performer and Three Man Or More Performer Band.

In 2010, Ziggy and his various shows were again nominated in no less than five MO Awards categories.

In 2011, Ziggy was nominated for both an Ace and a MO Award.

FLYING HIGH is fully self-contained and provides its own very high quality but compact sound system, so performances can be staged even in the smallest area wherever there is electric power. For any type of event, FLYING HIGH will make a huge impact and transform it into the most memorable occasion.