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Sports have been an integral and important part of human existence since the dawn of mankind. Apart from corruption such as match-fixing, most sports activities are legitimate and an excellent way to keep humans healthy and fit. However, in the past century, a very disturbing trend has emerged in the establishment of what can only be called fake sports.


Humans have indulged in animal racing for many centuries, but in most cases, this activity has very little to do with an actual sport. In fact, most racing of this sort, such as horse and dog racing, only exists to allow gambling on the outcomes. The sad truth is that even at the biggest horse racing events, such as the Melbourne Cup, the Kentucky Derby, the Grand National and many others would be lucky to attract more than a handful of spectators if gambling was not allowed.

The same goes for events such as greyhound racing. Hardly anybody would show up to watch a pack of skinny dogs chasing a stuffed rabbit for the sheer sake of it. People only go to such races to gamble, which relegates virtually all animal racing to the same level as casino gambling. In any case, how on earth can something in which people do not actively participate be called a sport? It is akin to watching two snails sliding on the ground and calling this a sport. The truth is that horse and dog racing and literally all other forms of animal racing are not sports at all and it is a disgrace that they can be referred to as such.


Wrestling has been around in organised form since the ancient Olympics in Greece. Up to the past 50 years or so, wrestling has been recognised as a legitimate sport, but the very term "wrestling" has been corrupted completely by that idiotic fake wrestling farce seen on television that is a billion-dollar industry.

What kind of wrestling allows its participants to jump out of the ring and hit each other with chairs and other furniture and objects? What kind of wrestling allows its participants to completely ignore the referee or even attack him? What kind of wrestling allow its participants to indulge in eye-gouging, running the heads of opponents into metal ring components and committing other ridiculous acts? Only wrestling that is completely bogus.

It is patently obvious that the sort of wrestling promoted by organisations such as the so-called World Wrestling Federation, World Wrestling Entertainment and local wrestling promoters in many nations is provably fake. Such wrestling matches have been repeatedly exposed as being completely choreographed, with all the results pre-determined. Many people who worked for these organisations as referees and wrestlers have blown the whistle on the fakery, completely dispelling any notion that this fake wrestling is any sort of sport. Just watching this rubbish for a few minutes reveals how fake it is.

What is truly amazing is that some fake wrestling events such as those staged by the World Wrestling Entertainment organisation attract more than 100,000 idiots in the USA who are willing to pay good money to watch a so-called sport where the results have been completely pre-determined and the so-called wrestlers perform to scripts.

Those same idiots would scream to the high heavens if the football, baseball and basketball games that they followed were rigged, but they are content to pay money to watch a pack of steroid-enhanced boofheads pretending to wrestle and performing to scripts that have the winners and losers already decided. It is hard to comprehend this sort of lunacy, but nevertheless, there are obviously enough idiots out there to make some of the promoters of this fake wrestling into billionaires.


It is hard to believe that people would actually bet on the outcomes of fake sports events, especially something as crass and dumb as fake wrestling. But people actually do lay bets on events that are known to be rigged and that shows how utterly gullible people are to even watch such ridiculous garbage, let alone throw money on gambling on that crap.