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I am always really amazed at how scammers construct fake ID cards and forge passports and do it so badly that those documents might as well have FAKE printed all over them. In my scambaiting exploits, I have literally conned many Internet scammers into providing me with their alleged ID cards or passport scans, sometimes both. In every single case, those IDs and passports were very badly faked, often by scammers who were really beyond stupid. Of course the people who were presented with those fake documents and believed that they were authentic were even more stupid than the scammers.

All passports around the world use a particular font of a particular size because it is specially designed to be read accurately by scanners used by Immigration authorities. I am not going to mention the name and size of this font, but I am really surprised that the scammers who concoct these fake passports haven't had the brains to even acquire and use this font. But that is good, because their fake documents scream FORGERY and give me a good laugh as well.

Here are some examples of the many forged passports that I have conned out of scammers, along with descriptions of the idiotic mistakes that they made on them.

Here is another shocker from an idiot. The scammer claimed to be Rose James, yet the passport Name section says that the person is John James. But the machine readable line is very badly altered and states that the name is Rose James - but in reverse. On a machine readable line, the surname comes first with no space between the country identifier. The date of birth has too many days. Of course the font that the scammer used is wrong and the mis-spelling of "Leicester" gives it away completely. This forged passport is just garbage.

The moron who tried to forge this passport obviously had limited Photoshop skills. He did not even try to line up the information that he typed into the passport page photo, so he just typed his name and details any old way. He did the same on the machine readable line, not even bothering to try and line up his name with the carets on the rest of the line. As for the photo, that really is a shocker. He just pasted it square onto the page, ignoring the page edge that was aligned at an angle. The signature is the same, just pasted onto the page but not aligned. These scammers are ignorant idiots.

This fake passport screams "FORGERY" immediately. The scammer just deleted most of the original information and Photoshopped in the false data in the most obviously wrong font. But apart from the unacceptable passport photo, the real Maria Fernanda Espinosa, who was previously an Ecuadorian politician, was certainly not entitled to a US passport.

This is by far the most stupid and worst fake passport that I have received so far. The scammer did not even try to fill in the information fields apart from very badly pasting the issue date onto the blank passport. The fake photo is the wrong format. Passport photos must be straight-on head and shoulders with a white background. But the best is the machine readable line that says, "FAKE ID GENERATOR FOR ANDROID". How this scammer expected to fool anybody with this garbage is beyond me, but it is a good demonstration of how stupid these scammers are.

Right away, you can see that the name George Cole and London are in a completely different font from the official international passport font. The photo has been Photoshopped to cover the original photo and you can tell that by the background on the left of the head is different to the background on the passport page.

This forged Australian passport is riddled with obvious mistakes. The main photo on the left has very obviously been superimposed over the top of the original photo and the shape is wrong. Italics are never used on any passports. A '<' symbol has been wrongly inserted before the surname on the machine readable zone and it is mis-aligned. There is no signature on the page and the issuing Authority should be AUSTRALIA, not AUSTRALIAN. There are many other obvious errors.

The above passport is not just badly forged - it is ridiculously stupid. Not only is it easy to see that the name Chloe Madison has been substituted for the real name in a completely different font, no British white Caucasian male would be named Chloe. It is reminiscent of the Johnny Cash song 'A Boy Named Sue'.

It is very clear that the surname Lieverdink and the year 1949 have been inserted in a completely different font with much heavier intensity. It literally screams FORGERY. You would think that a scammer would look at his forgery and try to make it less obvious.

The name 'Marvin Carradine' is very notorious, having been used in a great variety of scams over the years. The name is in a completely different font and intensity, as well as the name in the machine readable zone at the bottom. The photo is unacceptable as a passport photo, as it should only be head and shoulders. It is a pathetically bad forgery, but that is to be expected from these really stupid West African scammers.

This forged passport is better than most, but the scammer did make some obvious blunders. For instance, the photo on the main page has obviously been pasted on top of the original photo and is sharper than the rest of the graphic. The font used in the data is smaller than the machine readable line font and that proves that the data font is forged.

This forged passport is another insult to my intelligence. The name has been faked in a different font, along with the name in the machine readable zone at the bottom. How anybody could be fooled by this crap is totally beyond me.

Here is an example of a clumsy forgery with obvious blunders that gave the game away. On this passport, all the data is convincing and even in a uniform font, but the font itself is wrong. By international agreement, one particular font must be used on all passports and the font used on this passport is not it. The only proper font is seen on 'GBR',as it is the only piece of data that was not forged. The photo has obviously been substituted. Another blunder is the use of a passport format that was discontinued before 25 September 2015. So the scammer did a very convincing job of this forgery, except for those obvious errors.

This moron scammer was lazy and merely deleted the passport owner's real name and substituted the name David John in the appropriate spots. Not only that, he wrote Mr John as the surname, a real piece of idiocy. But the fool used a variety of fonts in a number of sizes, something that is never done on any real passport. The photo would be totally unacceptable on any passport these days, as such photos must be head and shoulders only.

Here is another example of a stupid scammer who was too lazy to type in his name in a font that even closely resembled that on the original passport. His name Michael George is in such an obviously different font that only a blind person would fail to notice it.

Here is a real passport that was stolen or misappropriated from somebody called Raheel, whose name appears in the Given Names section. The photo is probably original, but the names Zack and Abraham have been inserted in a different font that is very obvious, along with the same on the machine readable line.

This fake passport is riddled with the most obvious errors. No passport uses lower case font, as in the scammer's name on this passport. The name in the machine readable area is in lower case and in a different font. The expiry date is in yet another different font. The nationality is not AMERICA - it is always UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The photo must be front-on head and shoulders, not a half side view. This is a pathetically bad forgery.

This is one of the worst and most careless forgeries that I have encountered. The scammer used three different fonts and it is easy to see that the strength of the fonts is far too heavy. But the massive mistake is on the machine readable line, where this idiot didnt change the name, which is Charles Colocino. This name has frequently been used in the infamous Airport Consignment Scam. So the scammer forged an already forged passport. The signature of the holder is the notorious Mr Colocino, so the scammer forgot to change this as well.

Firstly, the photo on this forged passport is completely unacceptable. It should have had a white background with nothing but the head and shoulders of the passport holder and certainly no flag. It was taken from a photo of Jennifer Psaki, President Biden's press secretary that was posted on a Georgetown University page. Then there are all the badly made changes to the information, such as the name. The stupid scammer used a different font with heavier intensity and even put the first name abbreviation in the Surname field. The biggest stupidity was leaving the name Marthen Lussie that had been forged onto the original copy of this passport's machine readable area with the wrong spacing. And the signature is of somebody else entirely. This forgery is a real shocker.

Here is another shocker. The name HARRY JIM is in a different font and bolder than the other printing. The same is on the machine readable line. Some of the data is in lower case, which is not used on passports. The photo happens to be of former FBI director James Comey and there is no bearer signature. One would think that a scammer would just scribble something, but leaving the signature line blank is a dead giveaway that the passport is a terrible forgery.

This passport is such an obvious forgery that the scammer who concocted it should be ashamed of himself. The moron spelled his first name wrong, as his email stated that he was Francisco Naidoo. He very cleverly used a font with a transparent background to insert his data, however, the passport is a low resolution graphic and his data is very sharp and bold, proving that it was pasted into the passport. The machine readable line has been completely replaced, but in the wrong font for a passport and the signature is certainly not that of anybody called Naidoo and is in fact the signature of the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele.

This passport has not been altered much, but badly enough to make it obvious. Zoom in on the name in the wrong font and the marks from where it has been pasted over the original name can be seen. But the most stupid and careless thing was that the scammer did not alter the original name on the machine readable line, indicating that this passport was issued to a lady named Robin March Rosenblatt. There is no signature of the bearer and the photograph has been pasted onto the passport graphic..

This US passport card is such a mess that the scammer who forged it should be thoroughly ashamed of himself. The word EXEMPLAR shows that it is a sample issued by the US State Department and not a real passport card. The scammer put the first name and surname in the wrong fields and he changed the issue and expiry dates, all with completely different fonts. The original example had the name Happy Traveler on it and the scammer obviously just downloaded the graphic from the Internet and made a complete botch of altering it.

Here is another very careless forgery. The scammer claimed that his name was Bob Chen, but he reversed the first and surname on the passport and used a different font there and on the machine readable line. He also altered the dates of issue and expiry. The signature is a graphic that has been pasted into the passport and is badly pixellated and the remnants of the original signature are still visible. This idiot also sent me a very obviously faked ID card.

Robin Renee Sanders was a former US diplomat, but the scammer who sent me this forged passport didn't do his homework. The photo that was pasted over the top of the original photo is the wrong perspective and in any case, it is not a passport photo with that huge smile. It was copied from Wikipedia. The middle name has been typed as the surname. The issuing authority has been mis-spelled as 'United Satets'. The surname on the machine readable line is the alleged holder's middle name. The signature of the bearer is 'Renee' - a careless mistake. This passport is complete and utter crap and just indicates the stupidity of the scammer who sent it to me.

Here is another shocker of a forgery. It is obvious that the original given names were obliterated and the names 'Rose Bess' were substituted., Apart from this, the substituted names were not adjusted for the slanted perspective of the page. The same goes for the machine readable zone, where the given names were just typed in mixed case, which is never used in that area. The dates of issue and expiration have also been forged. The original passport holder was a female called Stang and it is highly likely that her passport was stolen and is now used by scammers.

This passport has been so badly altered that it literally screams FORGERY. The name is in a different font, along with the name on the machine readable line. It is signed 'S Read', obviously the name of the original holder. The dates of issue and expiry have been changed and very badly at that. The passport is yet another example of some stupid African's scam efforts.

This forged passport highlights the ignorance of the scammer who sent it to me. International Monetary Fund chief Kristalina Georgieva is a Bulgarian citizen and is not entitled to hold a US passport. The scammer has put her first name in the surname field and surname in the first name field. He did the same in the machine readable line. The photograoh has obviously been pasted over the top of the original one and the signature is that of somebody else. The scammer did go to the effort of using the correct font, but the blunders are inexcusable. One can expect these things from ignorant third-world Africans.

This is a real stinker, where the stupid scammer did not even try to match the passport font with his forgeries. Not only did he put his fake first and surname in the wrong fields and did not even remove remnants of the original name, he put a completely different name in the machine readable line and again in a completely different font. The photo is terrible, as it is not a proper head and shoulders shot and does not have the anti-forging marks on it. This is just another example of the total ignorance of West African scammers.

This stupid scammer was so lazy and careless that he could be bothered to even use the right font to make his forgeries. Not only is the name in the wrong fields, he used the same wrong font for the dates of validity and on the machine readable line. But the moron didn't even check the signature, which is obviously that of the real passport holder, a Samuel Joseph Burnette. One has to wonder about how dumb these West Africans really are.