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Scammers are generally very bad at constructing fake ID cards. They are lazy and in the case of the West Africans, they are illiterate and uneducated. Their fake IDs have atrocious spelling errors, blatant mistakes and even stupidities like putting photos of males onto fake ID cards of females. Many of these fake ID cards have signatures that don't match the names of the alleged users and they are so easy to spot.

Here are some examples of the many fake IDs that I have conned out of scammers, along with descriptions of the idiotic mistakes that they made on them.

Here is another example of a very careless scammer who claimed to be Jerome Powell, chairman of the US Federal Reserve. Not only did he send me a badly forged passport, but he sent this driver licence and very stupidly left the surname (Blum) of the original licence holder. As usual, there are many things wrong with this fakery, including an unacceptable photo, the wrong font in the First Name field, the wrong physical description and the wrong signature.

It is hard to know where to start with this terribly bad ID card. The scammer who sent it stated that his name was Nnenawyi Alolo, yet the ID card is in the name of William Roach. The card originally expired in 2017, but the scammer did not alter that date. The alleged position was mis-spelled "Genenral Manager". But the best part is the banner that was pasted on top saying "Scam". Obviously a scam fighter had placed this warning on the card image and this stupid fraudster just copied it from somewhere and sent it to me.

The scammer who sent this fake ID card to me must have been living under a rock all his life. The fundamental errors on this piece of garbage are amazing. The most prominent is the alleged nation of issue - "UNITED STATE" that has clearly been pasted onto the graphic. The next stupidity is the British coat of arms. No US ID card would ever have that on it. But there is no national US ID card anyway. Only US states issue such ID cards.

Here is a fairly standard and typical fake ID card sent by a scammer who purported to represent a bank that actually does not exist. But the funniest thing about this bogus ID card is the signature. As soon as I looked at it, I could see that it was the signature of former US President Woodrow Wilson, who died in 1924. I am truly gobsmacked to think that some people would look at the signature, which is perfectly readable and think that it was the signature of somebody called Elizabeth Clair. I despair for such stupid fools. They deserve to be scammed.

I have seen some really stupid fake ID cards over the years, but this one has to be one of the worst of all time. The scammer, claiming to be a senior US official, merely stole a photo of a woman's driving licence and typed on top: "Jesse White - Secretary of State" on the top. But this fool did nothing else to the driving licence, not even removing the owner's details or photo. Even his email was ridiculous, as he claimed to be William Dudley, current Director of the US Federal Reserve Bank, who actually resigned from that position in 2018.

This fake ID card was made by an incredibly careless scammer. It was copied from a fake ID card that has been on the Internet for years and the scammer changed the photo and tried to change the name. But he did not line up the font with the line on the card and he used a font that was far too large.

This particular scammer was too dumb to even remove the crop marks from the image of this fake ID card, proving that it is just a graphic and not a real card. The Texas bank logo is pasted onto this graphic. The bank address has just been typed into the graphic. The name "Wendy Louis" is in a different font and in the wrong fields. The word "Authority" is mis-spelled. And most stupid, the declared place of residence is Feldkirch, a town in Germany, yet this purports to be a US bank ID card. The whole graphic is a total piece of garbage.

This fake ID card epitomises the abject stupidity of the African idiot who sent it to me and the sheer ignorance of any suckers who have fallen for it in a scam. Firstly, the first and surmane are in the wrong fields. Even better, the photo is of TV actor David Duchovny of the X-Files" series. But the best part is the statement along the bottom from US company Gorilla Graphics, clearly indicating that this is a prank ID card. But the moron who sent it to me just downloaded it from the Internet and did not have the expertise to even delete that warning.

Here is an ID card for an alleged banker in the nation of Georgia. It can easily be seen that this card has never existed in the real world, but is a Photoshopped graphic. But what really gives it away is very simple - it is in English. A Georgian bank would never issue a local staffer in Tbilisi with a card in a foreign language. All such ID cards in that country are issued in the Georgian language.

The idiot who sent me this fake ID card must have been catatonic or more likely, completely ignorant. This card template has been used by many scammers using many names. The expiry date has been altered in a different font. The card purports to belong to an orthopaedic surgeon who works in Intensive Care, but the scammer claimed to be a diplomatic delivery agent, of which there is no such thing. However, he spelled it "Depulomtic", proving that he was illiterate.

This fake ID is literally beyond belief because it is so stupid. Not only did the scammer insert his name in a completely different and pixellated font, he downloaded it from an anti-scam website and removed the original fake name, which was Alhaji Lamorde Ibrahim that appeared back in 2015. The entire graphic is watermarked with the message: "USED BE SCAMMERS BEWARE!!!" The message probably should have read "Used By Scammers - Beware!"

Scammers have been using this fake ID card for years and unfortunately, most recipients would not even bother to get on the Internet and check to see if Anthony Zongo was with the Benin Police or not - and thus some of them are scammed.

It is not hard to pick this ID card as a fake. The scammer has merely typed in his fake name and alleged position at Western Union. It this card was actually real, his other details would match the font used for his name and alleged company position.

This brainless fool of a scammer wasn't careful enough and it is obvious that the fake ID card graphic has just been slapped on top of the card holder photo. You can see the bottom corners of those ID graphics overlapping the stitching on the card holder. It's a very poor fake.

This ID card is a real lulu for a number of obvious reasons starting off with the fact that German identity cards are not issued in English. An authentic German ID card states 'Bundesrepublik Deutschland' and everything on the card is in German. This imbecile had scanned a sample Nigerian ID card and inserted the fake information in it. The signature under the pasted-on photo is 'My Signature', also proving that this ID card was a sanple. The idiot did not get rid of that logo at the bottom that states 'NIMC - National Identity Management Commission', which is the Nigerian government authority that issues ID cards to Nigerians.

This one is a shocker because of its outright stupidity. The moron scammer who made this so-called ID card in some graphics program must have been totally illiterate, as well as ignorant. 'Bank Of Amerian'? Really? It is hard to believe that people who are that dumb are able to use a computer, but wonders will never cease.

This fake ID card is really stupid and reflects the ignorance of the scammer who made it. Firstly, the photo used on it just comes from a lecture that some guy was delivering. It is certainly not a proper ID photo as one would see on a passport or an official ID card. The other blunder is the mis-spelling of 'Investigation'. The IMF certainly would never permit the issue of ID cards with such an obvious error.

Here is another Photoshopped ID card with two obvious blunders. The first error is the fancy shadow font used for the name. No ID card ever uses anything fancier than a plain font such as Arial or Times New Roman. The second blunder is very obvious in the mis-spelling of the word "Clerk" denoting the user's position. But then again, these badly made ID cards are concocted by ignorant and uneducated West Africans, so their stupidity gives them away every time.

A simple error on this forged ID card gives it away and it merely displays the negligence of the scammer. The user is named as Tao Zhang, but the signature is that of a Daniel Lang. It is such simple mistakes by ignorant fraudsters that exposes them. The other giveaway is where the name Tao Zhang has been pasted over the top of the name of the original card holder. The same card with a different photo and the user name of Franklin Hendrix has been used in various scams.

Here is another piece of utter crap from an obviously very ignorant African scammer that is riddled with stupid errors. Many scammers claim that they are Diplomatic Delivery Agents. Diplomats only represent their governments and are not permitted to work for private companies such as DHL. The photo is of a bald black man, yet the card states that he has brown hair and blue eyes. The printing on the bottom reveals that this graphic is a Florida driver's licence that has been Photoshopped. Best of all, the signature below the photo is certainly not that of a David Morgan.

This is a very obviously Photoshopped ID card, where the card graphic has been pasted on top of a graphic of a card holder. But apart from this - and also demonstrating a distinct laziness, the scammer forgot to change the signature below the photo that certainly is nothing like a signature belonging to a David Morris. These are the sorts of fundamental errors that expose these fake ID cards.

This is not a bad looking ID card, even if it is completely bogus. It is not United Nation but United Nations Organization. As well, the scammer didn't have the brains to change the signature, which is obviously that of somebody called James, with an indecipherable surname. But it certainly is not the signature of anybody called Mark Bernard. The UN does not employ diplomatic delivery agents either.

There are so many giveaways on this piece of crap. The logos are out of proportion. The printing is in four different fonts. The back of this garbage states: This is to certify that the bear whose passport photo... The bear? The photo is certainly not an acceptable ID photo. And 'In case of any loss but found, the founder is requested...' The founder? Obviously this scammer is a total ignoramus for trying to pass this garbage off as a real ID card.

Here is the epitome of sheer laziness on the part of the scammer, who merely pasted the photo of a man into a fake ID card with the name of Isabella Taylor as the bearer. It would have taken less than a minute to change the name to that of a male, but no, this idiot scammer didn't even have the brains to do that. You can even see part of the original photo to the left of the pasted-over photo.

This is another example of ignorance and negligence on the part of the scammer, who claims that he is Micheal E Turker. CEO of the FEDERA RESERVE BANK. Apart from the fact that this ID card has been Photoshopped, there are three giveaways here. Firstly there has never been anybody called Micheal Turker as CEO of the Federal Reserve. Secondly, the mis-spelling of FEDERA gives the game away completely. Thirdly, the CEO of the Federal Reserve would not have the words White House on his ID card.

This fake ID card states that Mark Carney is the President of the Bank of England, but there is no such position. Carney was the Governor of this bank, but stepped down in March 2020. This ID card was received in January 2021, so even if it was real, it would not be valid. Carney does not have US citizenship, so using a photo of somebody in front of a US flag is really dumb. Even more stupid is that that Carney's middle name has been mis-spelled, proving the utter ignorance and stupidity of a scammer who didn't bother to proofread his fake ID card.

This is yet another very carelessly made fake ID card purporting to be from FBI Director Christopher Wray. All the graphics were pasted onto that wallet without taking any care to make it look authentic. Then there is the blurb about 'performing other duties impost upon him by lay'. The word is LAW. The stupid scammer did not bother to proofread that spelling mistake. As well, the moron didn't try to forge a signature on the card, but merely typed in a name in an italic font.

The fake Christopher Wray strikes again with a real shocker of a fake ID card. The spelling and grammatical errors are atrocious - 'charget', 'investigationg', 'evidense' 'witch', 'improsed'. And it seems that Christopher Asher Wray 'whole signature and photograph appear hereon is regularly appointed supervisory special agent'. Wray's title happens to be 'Director of the FBI'. The scammer who sent me this piece of crap is obviously an illiterate fool who has not done his homework.

Here is a terrible fake ID card. The scammer was obviously careless and illiterate as well. DEPLOMATIC PUBLIC SERVI and Deplomatic Agent isn't exactly what a genuine ID card would read. The logo is from the US State Department Diplomatic Security Service, which obviously does not send its agents to deliver ATM cards to private people.

I really wonder how dumb these African scammers really are. Look at this fake ID of an alleged Senator Joseph Sanusi. He claimed that he was with the 'World Central Bnak'. Could anybody imagine an ID card being allowed to be used with such a terrible error on it? Clearly visible at the left of the word World and to the left of the word Senator are the remnants of the original card that were not deleted by the very careless and obviously illiterate scammer.

It is amazing how many things are so wrong with this fake ID card. Firstly, there are no notary public officers in Britain. There is no District Attorney in Britain. And the subject of this ID card, Alexander Matez, cannot possibly be an Assistant District Attorney, because that position does not exist in Britain. Those are all American roles, so obviously the ignorant African scammer had no idea of the British legal system when he made that ridiculous fake ID card. The photo is pixellated, indicating that it was added at a different resolution after the card graphic was made. Even the signature is just printed, not written.

This card is obviously very fake for a number of reasons. Firstly, this 'Australia Lottery Inc' does not exist. Secondly, the address is wrong, as it should be 'Rushcutters Bay'. Thirdly, the signature is certainly not that of a Peter Raul. Fourthly, the alleged expiry date has 1990 noted, whereas expiry dates are sometime in the future. And lastly, the idiot who claimed that this was his ID card identified himself as Pieter Gordon. It is obvious that these really dumb scammers expect their intended victims to just swallow a fake ID card and believe that it is real.

Here is another pathetic fake ID card. It is obviously a Photoshopped graphic and not an actual card. The name of the alleged bearer is in lower case, something that would never be seen on a real ID card. The signature is certainly not of anybody called John Frank. The word 'Diplomat' gives the game away, because DHL is a courier company and cannot employ diplomats. But then there's the whopping error 'United State of America'. DHL would surely know the right name of its home nation.

This fake ID card is embarrassing. It purports to be the ID card of the US President's wife, yet her name is badly mis-spelled as 'BIGEN'. On such ID cards, the President's wife is not referred to as 'First Lady'. But the most stupid mistake is the photo, which is not of Jill Biden, who happens to be a natural blonde. The scammer who threw this garbage together should be ashamed of himself. But of course most scammers are as dumb as rocks and this is why there are so many examples of their stupidity here.

Here is another fake ID card that purports to belong to billionaire investor Warren Buffett. As usual, it is riddled with stupid errors. The first mistake is making out that this is a US driver licence and there is no such thing. All driver licences in the USA are issued by individual states. The second mistake is that the scammer put Buffett's full name in the 'First Name' area and left the surname of the original cardholder 'Blum' in the 'Surname' area and in a different font to the data on the rest of the original card. The third mistake is all those physical descriptions of Buffett. He is not 6'01" but is 5'8". His eye colour is not blue, but is black. His hair colour is not brown, but is white. And his weight is not 171lb but is 182lb. The scammer could not have got more things wrong on this piece of garbage if he had tried.

This illiterate scammer deserves a special 'STUPIDITY' award for this alleged ID card. It is obvious that it is a joke, as it states that the RESTRICTION is 'Foot In Mouth', an apt description of this politician. Obviously the scammer found this prank ID that is available on eBay and other websites and believed that it was the real thing and sent it to me as 'evidence' that he really was the President of the USA. What a moron.

This particular licence template has been used by quite a few scammers to try to fool people. It all looks very nice, except for one thing that gives it away completely. The national language of the west African nation of Benin (formerly Dahomey) is French. Therefore all official documents in Benin, including driver's licences, are in the French language, not in English like this stupid fake licence. A real Beninois driver's licence should read 'Permis De Conduire'.