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There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is a complete and utter piece of garbage. For starters, it’s a single-engine fighter, so if something happens to the engine, even just a bird ingested into the first stage compressor, then the aircraft becomes a flying coffin. Whereas every Russian fighter has twin engines, so if one engine becomes inoperative, it can still fly back to base or land safely at a nearby airfield.

The armament and payload of the F-35 is less than just about any of the current Russian aircraft. The operational range of every other Russian fighter is vastly greater and so is their top speed. Here are the performance figures of the F-35.

By comparison, here are the performance figures of current Russian front-line fighter aircraft.


Australia has again been taken for a stupid sucker by being conned by the Americans into buying this incredibly expensive turkey called the Lockheed-Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter that is plagued with problems. The big selling point of the F-35 is its alleged stealth capability. However, to make it stealthy, the F-35 has all its armaments and weapons in the internal weapons bay in order to minimise radar reflections from the fuselage and wings. The problem is that the second that the weapons bay doors are opened in preparation to deploy any weapons or munitions, all stealth characteristics vanish and the F-35 is glaringly visible on targeting radars. Its mediocre performance and range will make it vulnerable to being shot down by any of the current Russian front-line fighters.

This nation would have been far better off buying any of the existing single crew Russian fighters, such as the magnificent SU-35 or even hanging out for the Sukhoi SU-57. This amazing Sukhoi SU-57 has such a massive range that it could easily fly from Sydney to Perth without refuelling and its aerobatic manoeuvrability leaves the F-35 JSF for dead. And all the Russian aircraft have two engines, so that if something happens to one engine, the aircraft can at least continue to fly and land somewhere, unlike the F-35 that becomes a piece of junk falling out of the sky if it has a problem with its single engine.

But then there is the amazing Sukhoi SU-34 (NATO name 'Fullback'), probably the best all-round military aircraft in the world. It handles like the most capable front-line combat aircraft and can dogfight with the best of them. It has a staggering range of well over 2,000km and is the only military aircraft that can carry a massive ordnance and armament payload equal to its own weight. The SU-34 has the ability to operate from airfields with no facilities, including in Arctic conditions or excruciatingly hot tropical climates. Apart from operating as a front-line fighter, it is a low-level strike bomber, has a two-man crew and is one of the very few military aircraft that has its own built-in Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and does not need an external starter cart to start its engines. It even has a toilet on board.

The magnificent Sukhoi SU-34 'Fullback' fighter-bomber

This aircraft would have been an excellent replacement for both our Boeing FA-18 Super Hornets and the now obsolete General Dynamics F-111 bombers. If Australia had purchased a few dozen Sukhoi SU-34 fighter bombers, this country would have had all contingencies covered. But Australia spent many billions of dollars on the worst military aircraft since World War Two - an unreliable complete piece of garbage.