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For many years, I have been pushing motorists to arm themselves with suitable GPS-equipped dual camera dashcams to gather hard indisputable evidence to deal with wrongful driving infringements, accidents and other motoring legal matters. The old saying always applies - 'a picture is worth a thousand words' and especially a GPS-logged time and date stamped video recording that proves exactly what happened, rather than trying to explain it to a magistrate or judge without any supporting evidence and even worse, trying to refute a cop's lies without proof.

Something that has been prevalent for a long time overseas is now creeping into Australia - the fake car insurance scam. In most cases, this scam has been perpetrated by organised Middle Eastern criminals who have staged 'accidents' and then made massive claims for injuries that are mostly hard to disprove, such as whiplash or back pain. Most of the time, the gangsters have conspired between themselves and smashed their own vehicles to create these scenarios, but the incidence of innocent motorists being targeted in these insurance scams is becoming far more frequent.

Unfortunately, most Australian motorists are lazy and complacent and will not take active measures to protect themselves in any way. Criminals know this, so staging accidents where motorists are literally forced to collide with the vehicles of scammers and thus generate huge insurance and medical claims is easy picking. When those motorists do not have anything except their sole word against the words of a carload of scammers, it is almost impossible for those motorists to not be held responsible. So not only do those scam victims wind up paying the insurance excesses, but their policies and CTP will rise dramatically for the next few years.


There is only one real way that motorists can protect themselves from such insurance scams and that is to arm themselves with a top-line all-in-one GPS-equipped dual camera dashcam. Not only will this device record videos that have the time and date stamped on them, but also the GPS location will be logged to prove where the videos were made and also display the speed of the vehicle.

The second camera will record the interior of the vehicle, proving that the driver and any passengers were always wearing their seat belts and the driver was not holding a mobile phone or doing anything that a cop could allege was dangerous or distracting, a favourite way that cops increase their booking quotas. The Transcend Drive Pro 550B is an excellent example of the best and very affordable all-in-one dashcam - see it here: Transcend Drive Pro 550 Dashcam


In many nations, vehicle insurance scams have become so endemic that in Russia and some Asian countries, vehicle owners cannot even get insurance unless they install a dashcam. Why? It is because among other tricks, people throw themselves at cars and claim that they were struck by those cars. In some cases, the scammers will make insurance claims for alleged injuries and in other cases, they will try to extort a cash payment from drivers by threatening to call police unless they are paid off.

The good old 'brake check' scam is very common, where a scammer will see that a car is driving fairly close to his and might be distracted, so at that moment, the scammer will slam on the brakes, causing the car behind to bump into his vehicle. In that situation, the driver in the car behind is literally always deemed to be at fault, unless he can show that the 'brake check' was deliberately performed to cause the collision.

Then there's the old trick of the scammer's car rolling backwards and hitting the car behind and the scammer blaming the other driver for hitting his car. I have personally seen one fantastic example of this, where the car in front of a friend's car rolled backwards down a hill from traffic lights and struck my friend's car. My friend received a demand from the other driver's insurance company, claiming that my friend ran into his car and was at fault - until my friend told the insurance company that he had a clear time and date stamped video of the incident and that the other driver was lying about what happened. The insurance company had to apologise and withdraw their demand entirely.

There are many hilarious videos of idiots throwing themselves at cars, running their bikes into those cars or just lying down in front of cars and claiming that they have been hit. Of course when the drivers point to their dashcams, the scammers invariably do a bolt. And there have been instances where irate drivers have got out of their cars and laid into the scammers, often causing them some injuries for their troubles. One well-recorded incident showed a road rager running at a motorist with a large club, only to suddenly drop it and raise his hands as the motorist confronted him with a pistol.

Watch the following videos and have a good laugh at the idiots who failed with their stupid insurance scams. But it would not have been a laughing matter if those motorists did not have dashcams proving that these bastards faked those collisions. Those motorists could have been in a lot of trouble, especially if the scammers had lined up some bogus 'witnesses' to back up their frauds. So when you are enjoying those video clips, just think about your own situation and what you would do if a scammer tried to stitch you up for an insurance or personal injury claim and you had no evidence to prove otherwise.

The best advice that I can give you from my many years of dealing with these matters is to go and get a top-line all-in-one GPS-equipped dual camera dashcam such as the Transcend Drive Pro 550B. It is the best one-off insurance policy that every motorist should have. Meanwhile, enjoy the following hilarious insurance fails.

Here is a great compilation of insurance fraudsters trying to stitch up motorists in order to generate insurance and compensation payouts. None of these scammers would qualify for any sort of acting award.

This is another terrific compilation of insurance fraud attempts. At the 6 minute mark, check the guy who who stops his car and threatens a driver with a club. It looks like the classic road rage event until the driver emerges from his car holding a pistol. This is the best argument for allowing people to carry firearms for their protection, because if that driver had been unarmed, he could have been very badly beaten or even killed by the enraged club-wielding thug.

Here is another great compilation showing how scammers try to stage 'accidents' in order to extort money from innocent motorists and insurance companies. Without motorists having good dashcams, many of those frauds would succeed if motorists did not have the video evidence to prove the scams.

This short clip demonstrates exactly why having a dashcam is so important. This woman was driving down a street and all of a sudden a motor scooter appeared. The rider stopped, pushed the scooter backwards into the front of the woman's car and threw himself on the hood - in other words, creating a false scenario where it appears that the woman drove into him. His accomplice stood there video recording everything except the fact that this 'accident' was staged.

The scooter rider picked himself up from the road and writhed around holding his back, as if the alleged 'impact' had severely injured him. One can imagine that he was thinking of the massive injury compensation payout that he could extort from the woman driver and her insurance company for this bogus back injury.

But the scam came completely undone when the woman driver got out of her car and pointed at her dashcam, whereupon the scooter rider and his accomplice bolted like scared rabbits, obviously realising that the woman's camera had captured the scooter's number plate, thus was able to identify the owner of the scooter. Without her dashcam, that woman might have been stitched up for a massive insurance and compensation payout, as well as a possible charge of negligent driving, but her dashcam saved her from any such problems.


The only thing that I can tell you after all those video clip examples is to never be complacent and think that it cannot happen to you. Car accidents happen and a good dashcam will always prove who is at fault. A good GPS-equipped dual camera dashcam will also prove that a motorist wasn't speeding when pinged by a defective speed camera or stitched up by a rogue cop. But with the increasing prevalence of car insurance scams and road rage attacks, there is only one way that motorists can protect themselves and that is with a top-class dashcam as I have described here. Just make sure that you are always protected and you have hard evidence to prove your side of matters - it's better to be safe than sorry.