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I have been a professional entertainer for over 40 years and until 2011, I was also a qualified commercial pilot operating charter and scenic flights out of Bankstown Airport. Apart from music and aviation, my hobbies and interests have always been electronics and communications and for decades I have been an internationally recognised advanced class licensed radio amateur operator, designing and building much of my own equipment.


From my passionate interest in electronics, I became involved in computers in the very early days of desktop computing and now I have more than a quarter century of intensive experience in this field as a fanatical enthusiast, as well as operating this computer and IT consultancy. Over the years I have had many clients and I do not recall one instance of complaint about any goods or services that I have provided. I pride myself on giving a completely individualised service and ensuring that all my clients are completely satisfied in every respect.


Ziggy Zapata Enterprises is honoured to be a trusted dealer and distributor for many respected manufacturers, importers and wholesalers and has access to a huge range of famous international brands. Whatever you need, Ziggy Zapata Enterprises can provide virtually any IT equipment with legitimate warranties and service facilities.


Intel and AMD processor based desktop and notebook computer systems are available either in standard configurations or can be tailored to your exact needs. All components in these computers are top class well-known brands and all systems use the very latest motherboards with audio, video and networking on board, optical and hard disk drives and much more. You can specify exactly what you need and the best systems for your purposes can be built literally from the ground up. All computers are thoroughly tested before delivery. Specific software can be installed prior to delivery at the client's request.


Most computers can easily be upgraded with faster processors, more memory, higher capacity hard disks, better sound and video cards and other state of the art components. Often major cost savings can be achieved if computers are upgraded with one or more components, rather than buying completely new systems. These types of upgrades depend on the age of the computers, but the life and useability of many systems can be extended considerably.

Only a few years ago, many peripherals were considered exotic or just too expensive. These days everybody can afford scanners, photo quality printers, video and still digital cameras, uninterruptible power supplies, multi-function office devices, removable media drives, networking components, interface cards, TV tuners, USB accessories such as hubs and flash RAM drives and much more. You can choose which items you require for you particular needs and they can be speedily supplied and installed if required. Consumables such as inkjet printer cartridges, writeable media and photo paper are readily available.


I can repair virtually any Intel or AMD based computer or restore it to a clean state if it has been infected by malware such as viruses, trojan horse programs, spyware and adware. These days if a computer is running slower than usual, has annoying pop-up advertising appearing or the Internet browser home page has changed mysteriously and cannot be reverted, chances are that it is infected by malware, some of which is literally impossible to eradicate by the average computer user.

Occasionally, a computer's hard disk can become so badly infected or damaged that it is better and cheaper to reformat it and reinstall the operating system afresh. If it is required and is still physically possible, I will endeavour to recover the user's created files, such as documents, spreadsheets, graphics and other irreplaceable data and save them to recordable media such as a CD-ROM or DVD.

If your computer is suffering problems or has stopped operating entirely, it can be fixed at a most reasonable rate. Most repairs are based on time spent, however new hardware may be required to replace any that is unrepairable.


Virtually any PC software can be supplied, from the latest versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems to the best office suites, graphics tools, desktop publishing packages, website authoring programs and much more. Whatever type of software required can be provided at a very competitive cost.


I prefer to deal with clients on a personal basis and I welcome enquiries and orders directly by telephone or consultation, rather than online ordering. In this way, using my experience and knowledge, I may be able to suggest a better and more economical solution for your IT needs.

Computer systems and peripherals will be supplied as soon as possible after acceptance of quotes by clients. Setting up of systems in the client's home or business can be performed by arrangement. I always strive for the most rapid service to look after my clients to the best of my ability.

Equipment can be shipped to anywhere in Australia for reasonable rates or picked up personally.
All equipment supplied remains the sole property of Ziggy Zapata Enterprises until full payment is completed.

All new items supplied are totally covered by statutory or manufacturer warranties. Ziggy Zapata Enterprises will ensure that speedy repairs or replacements are undertaken if problems arise. It is important to note that with almost no exceptions, tampering with or modifying any items of hardware will void warranties. Of course purchasers are quite free to add and remove components and peripherals in these computer systems if they are knowledgeable and competent to do so. If equipment is still covered by warranties, purchasers must contact the seller or distributor to repair or replace faulty components.


Please contact me at Ziggy Zapata Enterprises with your requirements and ideas and I will be very pleased to give you a free quote for the very best and most economical computer solution. Due to the rapid fluctuations in the cost of components, quotes will generally be valid for no more than 14 days and all suggestions regarding various configurations will be examined for the best outcomes.