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With over five decades of professional entertainment experience, Ziggy Zapata can transform any event with witty repartee, comedy and skilful organising and planning. Whether it is a wedding, corporate event, product launch, party or function such as a Melbourne Cup luncheon, Ziggy is always well-prepared and well-researched for each event.

Unlike many comperes who are merely announcers, Ziggy is a fully fledged all-round entertainer who can sing and is a recognised virtuoso on the guitar. So any event can be enhanced by Ziggy's abilities in so many areas. But his humour and presentation will always make any function a memorable experience.

Ziggy can even provide production facilities such as a PA system, radio microphones and background music facilities if required. So if you are planning any sort of event, whether in a club, function centre or even private premises, booking Ziggy Zapata as your Master of Ceremonies is the ideal way to make your function so much better.

<O Award

In 2007, Ziggy was honoured by his show business peers by being voted the winner of the prestigious Australian Entertainment MO Award in the category of One Man Performer Band. Ziggy was also nominated in the category of Instrumental or Vocal Instrumental Performer.

Continuing to enjoy the recognition of his peers in the music industry, in 2008 Ziggy was nominated in three MO Award categories - Instrumental Or Vocal Instrumental Performer, One Man Performer Band and Three Man Or More Performer Band. Ziggy was also nominated for an Australian Club Entertainment Award (ACE) in the category of Solo Guitar/Vocalist.

In 2009, Ziggy again won the MO Award for One Man Performer Band was a finalist in two other categories - Instrumental Or Vocal Instrumental Performer and Three Man Or More Performer Band.

In 2010, Ziggy and his various shows were again nominated in no less than five MO Awards categories.

In 2011, Ziggy was nominated for both an Ace and a MO Award.

Having Ziggy Zapata to compere your event will make all the difference.