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We The People elect federal and state governments to look after our interests, defend our nation, operate vital infrastructure, maintain our defences and pass laws for our well-being. We The People, elect politicians to represent us and our interests in parliament and we assume that these politicians will actually do this. Well, that's a complete fiction.

Politicians are mostly self-serving bastards whose only objectives seem to be to get themselves re-elected by any means possible when their terms are due to expire, to feather their own nests and blatantly lie to the electorate as they see fit. Most politicians have no allegiance to their electorates or their constituents, but represent their respective political parties. Many of them are criminals, as revealed by the inordinate number of politicians who have been found to be corrupt by the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

The worst thing is that We The People, have almost no power to deal with these bastards at times other than elections. The classic example of this was former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who stole a federal election with her blatant lie of "There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead". If a person applying for a lucrative position with a large company blatantly lied in order to get that job and was caught out, he would be sacked on the spot and most probably prosecuted.

But what could We The People, do about a lying bitch like Gillard? Absolutely nothing. We were completely powerless and the only way we got rid of that lying scumbag was at an election. Instead of being prosecuted for her fraud against the nation, she got away scot-free. Not only that, she was rewarded with a massive pension, superannuation and various taxpayer-funded benefits. For politicians, crime certainly does pay and that is not good enough.

We all saw what happened to US President Richard Nixon when he was caught up in the Watergate scandal. Impeachment processes in US law meant that even the president could be charged with crimes and removed from office. Nixon resigned in 1974, rather than face the ignominy of being the first president to probably go to jail while in office and he was very conveniently pardoned by incoming President Gerald Ford. But at least the Americans have a legal mechanism to deal with a lying leader. Australia has no such mechanism. If this nation was mature and really operated under a proper legal system, Gillard would not only have been removed from parliament, but she would have been charged with obtaining an advantage by deception, a very serious criminal offence.


Politicians promise to look after our interest, yet connive to fleece us at every opportunity. When that bullshit artist Ted Baillieu was the Victorian opposition leader, he screamed and ranted for a solid ten years that speed cameras were blatant revenue-raisers and that he would abolish every single camera if he was elected. But what did Baillieu do when he was elected? He did not remove one single camera, but added many more. He tried to justify his lying by trotting out a report from his tame Auditor General that claimed that those cameras actually saved lives and prevented accidents, which of course was utter crap, but we know that those cameras were retained and increased in order to raise revenue by ripping off motorists.

The same thing happened in NSW, where Liberal leader Barry O'Farrell ranted that speed and red light cameras were just revenue-raisers and that he would do something about them if he and the Liberals were elected. Yes, he certainly did do something about them - he added more and more cameras, which proves that he was a lying scumbag too.

It is truly amazing how politicians always manage to find studies that claim that red light cameras reduce accidents at intersections. West Australian Minister for Police, Liza Harvey, managed to produce a study conducted by the Curtin-Monash Accident Research Centre that stated that the red light cameras studied reduced all reported crash frequency by 19%, right angle/turn-through crashes by 41% and rear-end crashes by 20% and serious injury crashes by a whopping 72%.

These statistics are truly miraculous, because every independent study conducted around the world has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that red light cameras increase accidents at intersections where they are installed by up to 40% to 50%. Every single independent study of speed cameras has shown that they do not save lives or prevent accidents. But that is something that our politicians do not want to hear, because if they were honest and removed those cameras, their revenue would drop dramatically and they would probably have to impose taxes that would make them very unpopular. But when they can lie and push the false concept that those cameras prevent accidents, then they can get away with their scam because the majority of people are gullible and swallow that utter garbage.

David Andreassen of Monash University conducted an independent study of red light cameras over a ten-year period. He found beyond a shadow of doubt that at every intersection where red light cameras were deployed, the accident rate rose dramatically, up to 40% more than in the period when those cameras were not there. The same independent studies in the USA showed exactly the same results. So why don't state governments take any notice of those independent studies, but choose to trot out bogus research from their tame lackeys that attempts to prove that those red light cameras prevent accidents? Just for revenue, that's all, even at the expense if a huge increase in accidents at intersections and that is obscene.


In many nations where politicians pass unjust laws or operate scams to fleece the population, the people take up arms and forcibly remove those politicians and their governments. Australia has been a very stable nation politically with a very apathethic population and that is why politicians get away with passing unjust laws and operating revenue-raising scams. Politicians know that the Australian people will not act to protect themselves against injustice and will just be sheep led to the slaughter. On top of that, there are very few mechanisms apart from elections that the people can use to get rid of scumbag politicians.

In terms of motoring, politicians have rolled out those speed and red light cameras, knowing that they are just there for revenue-raising. Politicians have suborned police to act as their tax collectors by entrapping motorists for revenue-raising instead of doing their job and enforcing the law. Politicians have set up a system of fines and penalties that essentially abrogate the legal principle of the presumption of innocence and instead, deem that motorists are guilty of offences unless they can prove themselves innocent.

Politicians have permitted state revenue collection agencies such as the NSW State Debt Recovery Office and Queensland's State Penalties Enforcement Registry to act as debt collectors for private toll road operators. Motorists who fail to pay tolls are sent notices of demand from these various state revenue collection agencies and threatened with the loss of their licences if they do not pay those tolls. Why the hell should taxpayer funded state revenue collection agencies be allowed to operate as standover thugs for private companies? Why should penalties such as loss of driver's licences be inflicted on motorists for private debt? This is so wrong, but it is all part of the ongoing scam against motorists.

Politicians have rigged the court system to ensure that motorists are deterred from contesting bookings by making it as difficult, inconvenient and expensive for motorists to do this. Politicians have imposed stupidly low speed limits on roads in order to frustrate motorists and entice them to speed, so that police can book them and raise more revenue. Politicians seem to become the enemies of the people as soon as they are elected, instead of striving for the best interests of their employers, We The People.


Occasionally, we hear about people who become so angry and frustrated at the way governments rip them off, that they take action, even when it is highly illegal. For instance, South Australian motorist Aaron Goods damaged 22 speed cameras at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to taxpayers. Goods faced court on 23 May 2014, charged with smashing lenses on traffic cameras across Adelaideís suburbs during a three-week wrecking spree.

In March 2014, a news report revealed that police put a figure of $250,000 on the loss in traffic-fine revenue while the cameras were off-line. Police said the cameras, including one on the South Eastern Freeway at the Crafers interchange that was vandalised twice, were out of action for a total of 230 days. This was most interesting, because the first thing that the cops whined about to that newspaper was the loss of revenue while those cameras were out of action. Nothing about how many accidents may have occurred when those cameras were inoperative. There was nothing about saving lives. There was no mention of an increased accident rate throughout that period. The cops were just concerned about the loss of revenue.

South Australian Road Safety Minister Tony Piccolo said that the cameras were designed to save lives on our roads. "Given the evidence showing the positive impact these cameras have had, their intentional damage is very serious and unacceptable," he said. That is nonsensical bullshit. None of these cameras can prevent an accident or stop somebody from being killed on the road. Letís see Tony Piccolo stand on the side of the road with his camera and take snaps of speeders going by and see if that prevents them from having a prang further down the road. But remember the old mantra that when you see a politician's mouth move, you know that he is lying.

Aaron Goods is not a vandal - he is a hero who had the guts to exercise civil disobedience against a filthy scam that the South Australian government is perpetrating with its revenue-raising speed cameras. I deplore vandalism, but when We The People, are gouged incessantly by our own state governments using these immoral and obscene speed cameras, then anybody who takes action against them is a hero. I congratulate Aaron Goods and hope to see a lot more citizens take the same action against these rip-off devices as acts of civil disobedience.