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Bose QC-35 Headphones



You can probably tell that I am a fanatical Bose fan. Why? It's very simple. Bose equipment is really the best in the world and there is a very good reason for this. The incredible Professor Amar Bose was the world's leading expert on psychoacoustics and taught at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His first speaker design, the Bose 901, broke every rule in hi-fi speaker design, yet sounded better than literally anything else on the market, especially for their compact size.

When Dr Bose died, he willed the entire Bose Corporation to MIT, but with one proviso, that 50% of revenue would be used for research. This is the reason why Bose products are at the cutting edge of audio equipment by far. There are some other excellent audio products in the marketplace, but for sheer overall performance, nothing beats Bose.

Back in 1975, I purchased a pair of Bose 901 Series 3 speakers and I can honestly say that even strangers wanted to pop in and listen to the amazing reproduction, especially when I played the Sheffield direct-to-disc records that had the highest fidelity of any vinyl recordings ever made. The effect was truly stupendous. So I became a Bose fan and whenever I need audio equipment, I try many products, but always seem to wind up with Bose because it just beats everything else. It's not cheap, but when you buy Bose, you know that you won't have to replace it with something better because there is nothing better.


Originally, I wanted to buy a set of Bose QC-25 headphones and I don't really know why I never got around to doing so. But one day I walked into a store and there were some Bose QC-35 noise cancelling headphones that had just been released so I checked them out. Now I had known for decades how good Bose products were, already owning a couple of top-end Bose home theatre systems, a Bose PA system for my gigs and a SoundDock and SoundLink. But to say that I was gobsmacked by these QC-35 headphones would be an understatement. They were mindblowing.

So I was determined to purchase these headphones, but I got lucky. My family members pooled money and bought them for me for my birthday, because they were not cheap. In fact the regular price at the time was $500, but I cut a really good deal and organised the purchase for around 20% off, which for Bose is quite a feat in itself. So there I was on my birthday, playing around with this fabulous headset and being more impressed the more I used it.


The Bose QC-35 is Bluetooth-equipped, which means that for most purposes, it can wirelessly connect to anything with Bluetooth - mobile phones, music players smart TVs and the like. For me, this feature is fabulous, because I now have my QC-35 headset paired to my iPhone, iPad and the Samsung smart TVs in my house. So I can listen to all those devices through the headset without wires getting in the way and not disturbing others in the house who may be doing other things.

The noise cancellation function is truly staggering. The headset is comfortable and cuts out a lot of background noise in passive mode, but flick on the active noise cancellation and it's a different world. But there seems to be no loss of fidelity either. Apart from the fact that the other noise cancelling headsets on the market are not as effective as the QC-35, they also seem to affect the reproduction of music. The QC-35 does not seem to suffer from this. The noise cancellation is the best, but the sound quality has not suffered and is absolutely superb.

The QC-35 has a built-in microphone, so when it is paired to a smartphone, it can be used to make and answer phone calls. The multifunction control button on thbe right earcup can be used to control recorded tracks on the connected device.

This headset comes with a really nice carrying compact case that includes a charging cable, a connecting audio cable for non-Bluetooth devices and a very cunning aircraft plug that can connect to a standard stereo mini-jack socket or the dual mini-jack sockets found on older airliners. The headset earpieces swivel around and make it easy to store the unit in the case, which is excellent for the travelling user.


Bose products are not cheap to buy, but you get what you pay for. WIth Bose, you may spend a bit more than you intended, but you will never be sorry. There are some very expensive noise cancelling headphones on the market, such as the Sennheiser and even brands that cost about the same or are slightly cheaper than the Bose QC-35, but in literally every review, the Bose beats them all.

There is one thing that is virtually guaranteed and that is, if you buy a Bose product, you will be very happy with it. The Bose QC-35 headphones are magnificent and there simply is nothing better on the market. Yes, I am a Bose fan, but with very good reason, because I have checked out a hell of a lot of audio equipment for decades and overall, Bose just leaves the competition for dead.