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Most airports in the world rip off travellers, simply because airport operators know that they literally have a captive audience who have no alternative to purchase reasonably priced goods. So food and drink are always more expensive and stores simply charge ridiculously high prices, especially in areas where passengers cannot leave, such as transit lounges. Sydney Airport is one of the worst offenders and has been so, ever it was privaties and the Macquarie Bank bought it. This article reveals the massive extent of the gouging that goes on at Sydney Airport that would make a bushranger green with envy.


There are a number of choices for travellers going to Sydney Airport - Airport Link train, taxis, buses and private cars.

Airport Link Train

This has to be one of the most blatant ripoffs of all time. The Airport Link train is not some special express train that speeds travellers from the central business district of a city right to the airport terminal, as is the case in many capital cities in the world. The Airport Link train in Sydney is just a regular suburban train on regular suburban train lines and does not even have luggage racks for suitcases. The justification for the extortionate fares that could only be described as daylight robbery is that the Airport Link is operated by a private company, not Sydney Trains.

The Airport Link is merely three and four stations away from Sydney CBD to the domestic and international airport terminals respectively and instead of costing the normal adult train fare of $3.38 in peak times to travel the same number of stations, the Airport Link charges $17.18 in peak times. That is more than FIVE times the price of the regular train fare.

The best way to avoid this disgusting ripoff is to avoid using the Airport Link train completely. If there are two people travelling from Sydney CBD or nearby suburbs, it is cheaper to use a taxi that will deliver them right to the terminal door. of course when three or four people are travelling to the airport from Sydney CBD or nearby, the taxi option is by far the most efficient and economical method. The Airport Link train should be boycotted because it is a disgraceful piece of daylight robbery.


For two or more travellers without their own cars, using taxis is one of the good options. A taxi fare from Sydney CBD to Sydney Airport will cost between $30 and $35. This is already cheaper than the Airport Link train and if four people are travelling, then it will cost each of them around $8.

There is also the Uber option. Unfortunately Uber has reached an agreement with the operators of Sydney Airport to not pick up passengers, however Uber can drop people off at airport terminals. So this is an even cheaper option than using a taxi for most travellers going to the airport.


The number 400 bus runs