Ziggy Zapata Title


Ziggy Zapata Entertainment Agency



This agency operates under the following legislation and regulations:


Ziggy Zapata Enterprises is a top-class entertainment industry agency, whose prime aim is to obtain the very best work opportunities for top class artistes and thus provide all entertainment employers with the highest standard of performers.


Under the requirements of the Act, entertainment agencies are not permitted to be employers, therefore this agency acts only as an intermediary between performers and employers such as clubs, hotels, corporate entities, groups and private individuals. This agency does not buy performances and then sell them at a profit to employers, but earns its fees by charging commissions for services. If this agency books performers from other agencies, the commissions will be applied to all gross fees and whatever management charges or other fees the other agencies apply to those performers is entirely their business. This agency reserves the right to refuse to conduct business with any entity without explanation or to cancel existing booking arrangements without explanation, providing that appropriate notice is given.


Although every effort will be made to enforce compliance with legal conditions and requirements, payments and obligations, this agency will not be held responsible for defaults by employers, performers and other entities, but will only accept liability for provable errors and omissions made by itself. This agency will not accept liability for losses or injuries suffered by any entity that can be attributed to performers booked via this agency.


This agency will not be knowingly involved in illegal or unethical acts and practices and is always very pleased to cooperate with other entertainment industry agents and managers if they are amenable.

This agency only books performers on merit and ability. All performers and employers dealing with this agency will be completely informed as to the exact financial and legal arrangements made on their behalf and every effort will be made to uphold their rights and entitlements without compromise. On request, performers and employers who have conducted business with this agency will be provided with records of any transactions that have been made by them or on their behalf.


All contracts are legally binding unless they are found to be unfair or unconscionable by a court of law. Verbal agreements are just as legally sustainable and enforceable as written contracts and although sometimes harder to prove, most verbal agreements that have proceeded to litigation have been upheld by courts.

This agency fully complies with the Act and will ensure that: